Recommended modern atlases

Dr. Walter Liesering's Historischer Weltatlas copyright 1997, published by MarixVerlag 2004 Small hardback, similar is style to Putzger's Atlas
Centennia First edition was 1990. A WIndows version is now available Software, covering the last thousand years of European history
The Penguin Atlas of World History First English-language editions were 1974, 1978. Two small paperback volumes, very full of information
Colin McEvedy:
The Penguin Atlases of Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Recent, etc., History
First edition of "Medieval" volume was 1961. A well-written series, unrelated to the preceding.
Magocsi's Historical Atlas of Central Europe 2002 61 plates of maps of "Central Europe" (roughly the Balkan peninsula, Habsburg lands, and Poland) from 400 A.D. to 2000 A.D.
Magyarország Atlasza és Adattára 1914 2003 "Atlas and Gazetteer of Historic Hungary 1914"
Shows the Kingdom of Hungary as it was in 1914, with county, district and parish boundaries in impressive detail.