Magyarország Atlasza és Adattára 1914

Cover Plate 8
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A Történelmi
Atlasza és Adattára

Atlas and Gazetteer of Historic Hungary 1914
Atlas und Datenbestand des Historischen Ungarns 1914
Atlas i Dokumentacija Povijesne Maðarske 1914
Atlasul si Baza de Date a Ungariei 1914
Atlas a Údaje Historického Uhorska 1914

Második Kiadás

Talma Kiadó
Pécs 2003

The atlas measures 240 by 334 mm. It has 247 pages including 59 plates of maps. The full plates (such as the one shown above) measure 233 by 331 mm.

It shows the Kingdom of Hungary as it was in 1914, before the Treaty of Trianon.

47 plates show the country in detail, with parish boundaries in impressive detail. Among these plates is a city plan of Budapest.

Other plates show the whole kingdom, with its provinces and administrative regions; the distributions of various races, and of religions; and the routes of the railway companies.

Here is another description of this Administrative atlas of Hungary 1914.

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