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Index no. 0037

Edward A. Freeman's Atlas to the Historical Geography of Europe

edited by J. B. Bury, M.A.
third edition

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate title
IHomeric Greece and the neighbouring lands
IIGreece and the Greek colonies
IIIGreece in the fifth century B.C.
IVThe lands round the Ægæan at the beginning of the Kleomenic War, c.B.C. 227
VDominions and dependencies of Alexander, c.B.C. 323
VIKingdoms of the successors of Alexander, c.B.C. 300
VIIItaly before the growth of the Roman Power
VIIIThe Mediterranean lands at the beginning of the Second Punic War
IXThe Roman dominions at the end of the Mithridatic War, B.C. 64
XThe Roman Empire at the Death of Augustus, A.D. 13
XIThe Roman Empire under Trajan, A.D. 117
XIIThe Roman Empire divided into Prefectures
XIIIEurope in the reign of Theodoric, c.A.D. 500
XIVEurope at the death of Justinian, 565
XVEurope [at the] end of the 7th century, 695
XVIGreatest extent of the Saracen dominions
XVIIEurope in the time of Charles the Great, 814
XVIIIThe Western Empire as divided at Verdun, 843
XIXThe Western Empire as divided 870
XXThe Western Empire as divided 877
XXICentral Europe, c. 980
XXIICentral Europe, 1180
XXIIICentral Europe, 1360
XXIVCentral Europe, 1460
XXVCentral Europe, 1555
XXVICentral Europe, 1660
XXVIICentral Europe, 1780
XXVIIICentral Europe, 1801
XXIXCentral Europe, 1810
XXXCentral Europe, 1815
XXXICentral Europe, 1860
XXXIICentral Europe, 1871
XXXIII[eastern] boundary of France, 1555, 1715, 1791, 1871
XXXIVSouth eastern Europe, c. 910
XXXVSouth eastern Europe, c. 1000
XXXVISouth eastern Europe, c. 1040-1070
XXXVIISouth eastern Europe, c. 1105
XXXVIIISouth eastern Europe, c. 1180
XXXIXSouth eastern Europe, c. 1210
XLSouth eastern Europe, c. 1340
XLISouth eastern Europe, c. 1354-1358
XLIISouth eastern Europe, c. 1401
XLIIISouth eastern Europe, c. 1444
XLIVSouth eastern Europe, c. 1464
XLVSouth eastern Europe, c. 1672
XLVISouth eastern Europe, c. 1700
XLVIISouth eastern Europe, c. 1727
XLVIIISouth eastern Europe, 1861
XLIXSouth eastern Europe, 1881
LThe Baltic lands, c. 1000
LIThe Baltic lands, c. 1220
LIIThe Baltic lands, c. 1270
LIIIThe Baltic lands, cica 1350-60
LIVThe Baltic lands, c. 1400
LVThe Baltic lands, c. 1478
LVIThe Baltic lands, c. 1563
LVIIThe Baltic lands, c. 1617
LVIIIThe Baltic lands, c. 1701
LIXThe Baltic lands, c. 1772
LXThe Baltic lands, c. 1795
LXIThe Baltic lands, c. 1809
LXIIThe Spanish kingdoms, 1030
LXIIIThe Spanish kingdoms, 1210
LXIVThe Spanish kingdoms, 1360
LXVThe Spanish kingdoms and their European dependencies under Charles the Fifth

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