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Atlas to the Historical Geography of Europe
by Edward A. Freeman

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0037:0001Homeric Greece and the neighbouring lands4364x340112575$3
0037:0002Greece and the Greek colonies4373x330610123$3
0037:0003Greece in the fifth century B.C.4369x337511855$3
0037:0004The lands round the Ægæan at the beginning of the Kleomenic War, c.B.C. 2274285x337411183$3
0037:0005Dominions and dependencies of Alexander, c.B.C. 3234285x33659747$3
0037:0006Kingdoms of the successors of Alexander, c.B.C. 3004296x33439511$3
0037:0007Italy before the growth of the Roman Power3372x425111654$3
0037:0008The Mediterranean lands at the beginning of the Second Punic War4223x331810731$3
0037:0009The Roman dominions at the end of the Mithridatic War, B.C. 644251x32909862$3
0037:0010The Roman Empire at the Death of Augustus, A.D. 134227x329610238$3
0037:0011The Roman Empire under Trajan, A.D. 1174259x33229909$3
0037:0012The Roman Empire divided into Prefectures4264x334310394$3
0037:0013Europe in the reign of Theodoric, c.A.D. 5004249x330610666$3
0037:0014Europe at the death of Justinian, 5654212x329610049$3
0037:0015Europe [at the] end of the 7th century, 6954217x331110219$3
0037:0016Greatest extent of the Saracen dominions4317x30289608$3
0037:0017Europe in the time of Charles the Great, 8144259x333811058$3
0037:0018The Western Empire as divided at Verdun, 8433104x24426044$2
0037:0019The Western Empire as divided 8703126x25196325$2
0037:0020The Western Empire as divided 8773116x24416192$2
0037:0021Central Europe, c. 9803147x25476421$2
0037:0022Central Europe, 11803196x24526277$2
0037:0023Central Europe, 13603179x25226520$2
0037:0024Central Europe, 14603141x24326331$2
0037:0025Central Europe, 15553181x24456535$2
0037:0026Central Europe, 16603145x24486132$2
0037:0027Central Europe, 17803164x25216384$2
0037:0028Central Europe, 18013113x24406379$2
0037:0029Central Europe, 18103161x25376498$2
0037:0030Central Europe, 18153132x24406306$2
0037:0031Central Europe, 18603146x24136230$2
0037:0032Central Europe, 18713109x24286423$2
0037:0033[eastern] boundary of France, 1555, 1715, 1791, 18713209x24656237$2
0037:0034South eastern Europe, c. 9103124x24566095$2
0037:0035South eastern Europe, c. 10003096x24975958$2
0037:0036South eastern Europe, c. 1040-10703089x24446083$2
0037:0037South eastern Europe, c. 11053085x24975955$2
0037:0038South eastern Europe, c. 11803124x24646083$2
0037:0039South eastern Europe, c. 12103125x25015866$2
0037:0040South eastern Europe, c. 13403097x24486033$2
0037:0041South eastern Europe, c. 1354-13583151x24976089$2
0037:0042South eastern Europe, c. 14013132x24526069$2
0037:0043South eastern Europe, c. 14443132x24796134$2
0037:0044South eastern Europe, c. 14643122x24595970$2
0037:0045South eastern Europe, c. 16723137x24926340$2
0037:0046South eastern Europe, c. 17003140x24406557$2
0037:0047South eastern Europe, c. 17273156x25146302$2
0037:0048South eastern Europe, 18613125x24526600$2
0037:0049South eastern Europe, 18813101x25016376$2
0037:0050The Baltic lands, c. 10003120x24286189$2
0037:0051The Baltic lands, c. 12203188x24806168$2
0037:0052The Baltic lands, c. 12703113x24286117$2
0037:0053The Baltic lands, cica 1350-603130x24606047$2
0037:0054The Baltic lands, c. 14003154x24456023$2
0037:0055The Baltic lands, c. 14783169x25016137$2
0037:0056The Baltic lands, c. 15633133x24366106$2
0037:0057The Baltic lands, c. 16173153x25095996$2
0037:0058The Baltic lands, c. 17013144x24246037$2
0037:0059The Baltic lands, c. 17723138x24896119$2
0037:0060The Baltic lands, c. 17953141x24486065$2
0037:0061The Baltic lands, c. 18093139x25055782$2
0037:0062The Spanish kingdoms, 10303185x24395858$2
0037:0063The Spanish kingdoms, 12103171x25176344$2
0037:0064The Spanish kingdoms, 13603165x24365959$2
0037:0065The Spanish kingdoms and their European dependencies under Charles the Fifth3197x25306771$2

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