Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I see any maps? I can navigate the site, but all the maps are missing. This happens if you have Flash disabled in your browser (or a very old browser, which does not support Flash).

Some people disable Flash because it is normally used for things they find annoying. On this site Flash is used by Zoomify to present the maps.

I see the maps, but I don't know how to zoom in, pan, etc. How to view maps in Zoomify format.
Where can I find some more maps?

Here is a list of other map sites.
Aren't you publishing these maps in breach of copyright? Most of the works presented here, and all the complete works, were all published before 1923. According to Project Gutenberg, in their page on copyright law, "all works whose copyrights were secured before 1923 are now in the public domain, regardless of where they were published."

The specimen maps presented here are from works to which copyright still applies. I believe that presenting them here is "fair use". I am presenting an insignificant part of the work, as an encouragement to viewers to buy the complete work from the publisher. If the holder of the copyright of one of these specimen maps asks me to remove it from this site, I shall do so.