List of downloadable images for sale

Buying map images

Many of the images on this site are available as downloadable JPG images.

These images are not the resized and zoomified JPeG images that you can see here. They are of much higher quality, being the original scans, scanned at 300 or more dots per inch, and using minimum compression. They are therefore large files (as indicated in the "kilobytes" column of the list for each work), and take time to download.

Note that the images are of plates which are not in perfect condition. They are a century or so old, and suffer from foxing and other imperfections. You can judge the extent of these imperfections from the images visible on this site.

How it works

First, you decide what map you want to buy.
Then you click on the link to List of downloadable images for sale, and then on the name of the atlas or other work that contains the map you want.
Then you click on the "Buy Now" button to the right of where the map is listed. This takes you to PayPal's site, where you can arrange to make your payment.
Once you have paid, you should soon receive an automatic email, that tells you your 17-digit "download code". It will look something like this: 60B61023G77791322. Then you got to the download page, copy your download code into the box, and your download will start. It may take a long time, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

If you want to buy many maps, more than about five, you may to arrange a discount. PayPal charges me separately for each transaction, so it can be cheaper for us both to make one payment covering several images.

Terms and Conditions

Images bought from this site are for the use of the purchaser only. If the purchaser is an organisation, they may be used on one premises only. They may not be published, nor made available to others.

If you want to distribute the images in any way, please to discuss terms.

List of downloadable images for sale