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Index no. 0035

Stanford's Geological Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland

edited by H. B. Woodward, F.R.S.
third edition

This geological work shows rail lines more prominently than one might expect. The reason is given by the author:

"Our lines of railway have largely aided the progress of Geology not only by opening up a ready means of communication with all parts of the country, but by furnishing many instructive sections of the strata... With the aid of the geological maps the traveller may thus be led to notice how the character of the scenery and even the buildings erected upon the land have been influenced by the changeful geological structure."

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate titlecomments
(t.p.)title page
(key)Index to Geological MapsPrincipal Organic remains or Fossils
1Geological map of Great Britain
2Middlesex, Hertfordshie, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire
3Oxfordshire and Berkshire
4Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire
7North Cumberland. Isle of Man
8Tha Lake District, comprising Westmorland and parts of Cumberland & Lancashire
11Dorsetshire, Somersetshire and sooth Wiltshire
14Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire
16Herefordshire and Monmouthshire
18West Yorkshire and lancashire
19Leicestershire and Rutlandshire
28Surrey and Sussex
29Warwickshire and Worcestershire
30East Yorkshire
31North Wales
32South Wales
33aGeological Map of Scotland [north]
33bGeological Map of Scotland [south]
34aGeological Map of Ireland [north]
34bGeological Map of Ireland [south]
34cJersey. Guernsey. Alderney.
35Cambrian - Harlech, Menevian, Lingula Flag & Tremadoc series. Ordovician - Arenig, Llandeilo & Bala series.
36Silurian - Llandovery, Wenlock & Ludlow series. Silurian - Llandovery, Wenlock & Ludlow series.
37Devonian - Devonian & Old Red Sandstone. Devonian - Devonian & Old Red Sandstone.
38Carboniferous - Carboniferous Limestone series. Carboniferous - Carboniferous Limestone series & Coal Measures.
39Triassic & Permian - Magnesian Limestone. Liassic - Lower Lias.
40Lower Oolitic & Liassic - Upper & Middle Lias. Lower Oolitic - Inferior Oolite.
41Lower Oolitic - Great Oolite, Stonesfield Slate & Fuller's Earth. Lower Oolitic - Forest Marble & Bradford Clay.
42Middle Oolitic - Oxford Clay & Kellaway beds. Middle Oolitic - Corallian.
43Upper Oolitic - Kimeridge Clay. Wealden-Purbeck - Purbeck & Wealden Beds.
44Lower Cretaceous - Lower Greensand. Upper Cretaceous - Upper Greensand & Gault.
45Upper Cretaceous - Upper Greensand & Gault . Upper Cretaceous - Chalk .
46Lower Eocene - Woolwich & Reading, & Thanet Beds. Lower Eocene - London Clay.
47Upper Eocene - Barton, Bracklesham & Bagshot Beds. Upper Eocene - Barton, Bracklesham & Bagshot Beds.
48Oligocene - Headon, Osborne, Bembridge & Hamstead Beds. Oligocene - Headon, Osborne, Bembridge & Hamstead Beds
49Pliocene - Norwich, Red, & Coralline Crag. Pliocene - Norwich, Red, & Coralline Crag.
50Pleistocene - Land, Freshwater & Marine Deposits. Pleistocene - Marine Deposits.

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