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Stanford's Geological Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland
by Horace B. Woodward

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0035:0000title page2922x43948777$1
0035:0005Index to Geological MapsPrincipal Organic remains or Fossils8919x402927643$5
0035:0010Geological map of Great Britain2735x43349519$5
0035:0020Middlesex, Hertfordshie, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire4437x581023107$5
0035:0030Oxfordshire and Berkshire4392x588314885$4
0035:0040Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire4428x578320221$5
0035:0070North Cumberland. Isle of Man5815x438118556$5
0035:0080Tha Lake District, comprising Westmorland and parts of Cumberland & Lancashire5801x440122630$5
0035:0110Dorsetshire, Somersetshire and sooth Wiltshire5827x439422152$5
0035:0140Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire4401x579321579$5
0035:0160Herefordshire and Monmouthshire4409x580122400$5
0035:0180West Yorkshire and lancashire4443x580122093$5
0035:0190Leicestershire and Rutlandshire5828x444114820$4
0035:0280Surrey and Sussex5787x437522173$5
0035:0290Warwickshire and Worcestershire5794x439422134$5
0035:0300East Yorkshire4401x580920855$5
0035:0310North Wales5795x440120689$5
0035:0320South Wales5775x441420159$5
0035:0331Geological Map of Scotland [north]5808x431418774$5
0035:0332Geological Map of Scotland [south]5781x434818460$5
0035:0341Geological Map of Ireland [north]5734x401417014$5
0035:0342Geological Map of Ireland [south]5694x406116641$5
0035:0343Jersey. Guernsey. Alderney.4418x578520120$5
0035:0350Cambrian - Harlech, Menevian, Lingula Flag & Tremadoc series. Ordovician - Arenig, Llandeilo & Bala series.5755x41957739$3
0035:0360Silurian - Llandovery, Wenlock & Ludlow series. Silurian - Llandovery, Wenlock & Ludlow series.5641x42288525$3
0035:0370Devonian - Devonian & Old Red Sandstone. Devonian - Devonian & Old Red Sandstone.5667x42148566$3
0035:0380Carboniferous - Carboniferous Limestone series. Carboniferous - Carboniferous Limestone series & Coal Measures.5627x430110931$3
0035:0390Triassic & Permian - Magnesian Limestone. Liassic - Lower Lias.5641x42549514$3
0035:0400Lower Oolitic & Liassic - Upper & Middle Lias. Lower Oolitic - Inferior Oolite.5668x42548270$3
0035:0410Lower Oolitic - Great Oolite, Stonesfield Slate & Fuller's Earth. Lower Oolitic - Forest Marble & Bradford Clay.5681x42086073$3
0035:0420Middle Oolitic - Oxford Clay & Kellaway beds. Middle Oolitic - Corallian.5714x42746900$3
0035:0430Upper Oolitic - Kimeridge Clay. Wealden-Purbeck - Purbeck & Wealden Beds.5708x42285992$3
0035:0440Lower Cretaceous - Lower Greensand. Upper Cretaceous - Upper Greensand & Gault.5681x43419612$3
0035:0450Upper Cretaceous - Upper Greensand & Gault . Upper Cretaceous - Chalk .5701x42418641$3
0035:0460Lower Eocene - Woolwich & Reading, & Thanet Beds. Lower Eocene - London Clay.5714x42618119$3
0035:0470Upper Eocene - Barton, Bracklesham & Bagshot Beds. Upper Eocene - Barton, Bracklesham & Bagshot Beds.5668x42488071$3
0035:0480Oligocene - Headon, Osborne, Bembridge & Hamstead Beds. Oligocene - Headon, Osborne, Bembridge & Hamstead Beds5661x43146005$3
0035:0490Pliocene - Norwich, Red, & Coralline Crag. Pliocene - Norwich, Red, & Coralline Crag.5654x421510758$2
0035:0500Pleistocene - Land, Freshwater & Marine Deposits. Pleistocene - Marine Deposits.5695x426110482$2

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