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Index no. 0031

Romer's Atlas of Poland, 2nd edition, 1921

This page links to scans of the maps from the 2nd edition of Geograficzno-Statystyczny Atlas Polski by Dr. Eugenjusz Romer, published in Lwow in 1921.

Poland was destroyed as a nation in the partitions of 1772, 1793 and 1795, its territory being partitioned by Russia, Prussia and Austria (see plate V). But in the first world war of 1914 to 1919, Germany (Prussia) and Austria were defeated, and in 1917 Russian authority collapsed with the revolution. Following the war, and with the encouragement of the victorious powers France Britain and the U.S., the Polish nation was recreated. At the time of publication of this edition of Romer's Atlas, it was clear that Poland once more existed, but its frontiers had not yet been established. This work, and particularly plates X and XI, may have influenced those who drew those frontiers.

The 1916 edition, published in Vienna, has 32 of the 34 plates of this 1921 edition. Absent from it are the plates here numbered VII and XI.

Further information.

Plate no.English titlePolish titlecomments
(t.p.) (title page)
I Relief map Polska. Mapa hypsometryczna
II Geology Geologia
III Climate Klimat
IV Flora Roślinność
V History Wład Semkowicz: Historyashowing the partitions
VI Administration (1914) Administracya (1914)showing province boundaries
VII Administration (1920) Administracya (1920)showing provisional plebiscite areas
VIII Density of population Gęstość zaludnienia
IX Annual increase of population Roczny przyrost ludności
X The Poles Polacy ADensity of Polish population, with implications for where the frontiers of the new nation may be
XI The Poles B Polacy BDensity of Polish population "according to the materials and documents of the last years 1914-1920", showing (unlike plate X) a Polish majority in the region around Wilno
XII Roman-Catholics Rzymsko-Katolicy
XIII The Jews. Internal migrations Źydzi. Zmiany stanu posiadania narodowego
XIV The Poles in the march-lands Polacy na Kresach
XV Poles in Lithuania and Ruthenia Polacy na Litwie i Rusi
XVI The Church KościółDioceses etc.
XVII Education A Oświata A
XVIII Education B. Polish publications Oświata B. Druki polskie
XIX Large estate[s] Wielka własność
XX Land cultivation Uźycie ziemi
XXI Wheat and Maize Pszenica, Kukurydza
XXII Rye, buck-wheat Żyto, Hreczka
XXIII Barley, beet-root Jęczmień, Buraki
XXIV Oats, flax Owies, Len
XXV Potatoes, millet Ziemniaki, Proso
XXVI Wheat and rye Zboże chlebowe
XXVII Live-stock A Chów bydła AHorses, cattle
XXVIII Live-stock B Chów bydła BPigs, sheep & goats
XXIX Live-stock C Chów bydła CBeasts per 100 inhabitants
XXX Minerals Płody kopalne
XXXI Industrial population Ludność przemysłowa
XXXII Branches of industry Gałęzie przemysłu
XXXIII National thrift Oszczędność ludowa
XXXIV Means of communication Komunikacya

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