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Geograficzno-Statystyczny Atlas Polski
by Dr. Eugenjusz Romer

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0031:0000(title page)8205x726542673$2
0031:0001Relief map8205x728157655$6
0031:0005Historyshowing the partitions8205x731453348$6
0031:0006Administration (1914)showing province boundaries8205x731457194$6
0031:0007Administration (1920)showing provisional plebiscite areas8205x731449157$6
0031:0008Density of population8205x731453976$6
0031:0009Annual increase of population8205x731453730$6
0031:0010The PolesDensity of Polish population, with implications for where the frontiers of the new nation may be8205x731452753$6
0031:0011The Poles BDensity of Polish population "according to the materials and documents of the last years 1914-1920", showing (unlike plate X) a Polish majority in the region around Wilno8205x731450985$6
0031:0013The Jews. Internal migrations8205x731449616$6
0031:0014The Poles in the march-lands7314x820546733$6
0031:0015Poles in Lithuania and Ruthenia8205x731453480$6
0031:0016The ChurchDioceses etc.8205x731455216$6
0031:0017Education A8205x731449230$6
0031:0018Education B. Polish publications8205x731446348$6
0031:0019Large estate[s]8205x731453291$6
0031:0020Land cultivation8205x731452958$6
0031:0021Wheat and Maize8205x731454061$6
0031:0022Rye, buck-wheat8205x731454413$6
0031:0023Barley, beet-root8205x731452257$6
0031:0024Oats, flax8205x731454916$6
0031:0025Potatoes, millet8205x731451730$6
0031:0026Wheat and rye8205x731451925$6
0031:0027Live-stock AHorses, cattle8205x731453559$6
0031:0028Live-stock BPigs, sheep & goats8205x731452076$6
0031:0029Live-stock CBeasts per 100 inhabitants8205x731448399$6
0031:0031Industrial population8205x731455589$6
0031:0032Branches of industry8205x731453969$6
0031:0033National thrift8205x731454781$6
0031:0034Means of communication8205x731459783$6

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