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Index no. 0029

Universal Atlas of Science

James Reynolds

This page links to scans of the maps from Universal Atlas of Science by James Reynolds, c1854.

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Plate no.Plate title
[fp]Perpendicular Distribution of Plants.
[tp0](Decorative title page)
[tp1](Formal title page)
[a1]The Sun and solar phenomena.
[a2]Telescopic appearance of The Moon.
[a3]Comparative Magnitudes of the Planets. Phases of Saturn. Phases of Venus.
[a4]The Solar System.
[a5]Comets, Aerolites, and Zodiacal Light.
[a6]The Earth and its Atmosphere.
[a7]The Earth's Annual Revolution round the Sun. and its diurnal rotation on its axis.
[a8]The Seasons, and Signs of the Zodiac.
[a9]The Phases of the Moon. Eclipses. Tides.
[a10]Chart of the Heavens, shewing the stars visible on any night throughout the year.
[g1]Table of Geological Data.
[g2]Water Supply and Drainage. Drainage of Lands.
[g3]Fossiliferous or Sedimentary Rocks.
[g4]Metamorphic Rocks.
[g5]Igneous Rocks.
[g7]Geological Map of England.
[g8]Geological Restorations at the Crystal Palace.
[p1]Physical Map of the World
[p2]Physical geography of the Sea. basin of the North Atlantic Ocean.
[z1]Zoological map showing The Distribution of Animals over the world. Zoological map showing The Distribution of Birds & Reptiles over the world.
[z2]Ethnographical map showing The Distribution of the Human Race.
[m1]distribution of The Currents of Air and variable winds over the world. Meteorological map showing The Distribution of the Rain over the world.
[m2]Tidal Chart of the World showing the progress of the wave of high water. Botanical map showing The Distribution of Plants and their cultivation over the world.
[m4]Physical map of The British Isles and the Surrounding Seas.
[m5]River and Lakes
[b1](Plants of the World) Figs. 1-9
[b2](Plants of the World) Figs. 10-18
[b3](Plants of the World) Figs. 19-27
[b4](Plants of the World) Figs. 28-36
[b5](Plants of the World) Figs. 37-45
[b6](Plants of the World) Figs. 46-54
[b7](Plants of the World) Figs. 55-63
[b8](Plants of the World) Figs. 64-72
[b9](Plants of the World) Figs. 73-79
[b10](Plants of the World) Figs. 80-88
[b11](Plants of the World) Figs. 89-96, 98
[b12](Plants of the World) Figs. 97, 99-105
[b13](Plants of the World) Figs. 106-114
[b14](Plants of the World) Figs. 115-123
[b15](Plants of the World) Figs. 124-132
[b16](Plants of the World) Figs. 133-140
[s1]Mechanical Powers.
[s7]Properties of Bodies.
detail from "Electricity"

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