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Universal Atlas of Science
by James Reynolds

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0029:0000Perpendicular Distribution of Plants.6186x384315907$3
0029:0001(Decorative title page)3856x614615612$2
0029:0002(Formal title page)3883x611015124$2
0029:0003The Sun and solar phenomena.6168x770139525$3
0029:0004Telescopic appearance of The Moon.6168x772341377$3
0029:0005Comparative Magnitudes of the Planets. Phases of Saturn. Phases of Venus.7737x607332941$3
0029:0006The Solar System.7609x601032098$3
0029:0007Comets, Aerolites, and Zodiacal Light. 7701x611940174$3
0029:0008The Earth and its Atmosphere.7665x612035069$3
0029:0009The Earth's Annual Revolution round the Sun. and its diurnal rotation on its axis.7655x612834218$3
0029:0010The Seasons, and Signs of the Zodiac.7717x614333568$3
0029:0011The Phases of the Moon. Eclipses. Tides.7710x599229211$3
0029:0012Chart of the Heavens, shewing the stars visible on any night throughout the year.(northern hemisphere only)6212x771233105$3
0029:0013Table of Geological Data.7647x609236166$3
0029:0014Water Supply and Drainage. Drainage of Lands.7701x611835766$3
0029:0015Fossiliferous or Sedimentary Rocks.7701x611037350$3
0029:0016Metamorphic Rocks.7692x612936601$3
0029:0017Igneous Rocks.7673x613836664$3
0029:0019Geological Map of England.(with vignettes of "slate quarries", "coal mining", and "the Needles, Isle of Wight")6123x768937083$3
0029:0020Geological Restorations at the Crystal Palace.7655x610136517$3
0029:0021Physical Map of the World7728x611036401$3
0029:0022Physical geography of the Sea. basin of the North Atlantic Ocean.6134x770133969$3
0029:0023Zoological map showing The Distribution of Animals over the world. Zoological map showing The Distribution of Birds & Reptiles over the world.6123x772335721$3
0029:0024Ethnographical map showing The Distribution of the Human Race.7737x609133066$3
0029:0025distribution of The Currents of Air and variable winds over the world. Meteorological map showing The Distribution of the Rain over the world.6057x766839317$3
0029:0026Tidal Chart of the World showing the progress of the wave of high water. Botanical map showing The Distribution of Plants and their cultivation over the world.6101x766736707$3
0029:0027Mountains(an attractive and absurd plate)6156x772336101$3
0029:0028Physical map of The British Isles and the Surrounding Seas.7656x607438617$3
0029:0029River and Lakes6068x767937744$3
0029:0031(Plants of the World) Figs. 1-93847x609215730$3
0029:0032(Plants of the World) Figs. 10-183855x610117455$3
0029:0033(Plants of the World) Figs. 19-273838x611915784$3
0029:0034(Plants of the World) Figs. 28-363856x611017255$3
0029:0035(Plants of the World) Figs. 37-453865x611015962$3
0029:0036(Plants of the World) Figs. 46-543865x612915501$3
0029:0037(Plants of the World) Figs. 55-633847x610115516$3
0029:0038(Plants of the World) Figs. 64-723874x612817148$3
0029:0039(Plants of the World) Figs. 73-793819x611018221$3
0029:0040(Plants of the World) Figs. 80-883829x610118442$3
0029:0041(Plants of the World) Figs. 89-96, 983820x606515968$3
0029:0042(Plants of the World) Figs. 97, 99-1053837x601916659$3
0029:0043(Plants of the World) Figs. 106-1143847x611015298$3
0029:0044(Plants of the World) Figs. 115-1233838x610114451$3
0029:0045(Plants of the World) Figs. 124-1323847x601017903$3
0029:0046(Plants of the World) Figs. 133-1403810x599217141$3
0029:0047Mechanical Powers.6101x771429079$3
0029:0053Properties of Bodies.6124x771232462$3

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