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Index no. 0003

Milner's Descriptive Atlas, 1850

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A Descriptive Atlas of Astronomy and of Physical and Political Geography
with descriptive letter-press by the Rev. Thomas Milner, M.A., F.R.G.S
published in London in 1850 by Wm. S. Orr and Co.

The plates are listed below in the order in which they are bound into the atlas, which differs from the order of the plate numbers. The plates shown as having plate numbers starting with an a are in fact unnumbered.

Further information.

Plate numberTitle of platedescription
15A View of .. Rivers .. and .. Mountains in the WorldMountains and rivers laid out in triangles
tpTitle Page 
a5Annual Revolution of the Earth round the Sun 
a6Phases and Movements of the Moon 
a7Selenographic map of the whole visible Hemisphere of the Moon 
a1Map of the Heavens in January, February & March 
a2Map of the Heavens in April, May & June 
a3Map of the Heavens in August, September & OctoberJuly is not covered
a4Map of the Heavens in November, December & JanuaryJanuary is covered twice
Physical Geography
1Orographical Map of the Globe. Western Hemisphere 
2Orographical Map of the Globe. Eastern Hemisphere 
4Hydrographical Map of the World. Western Hemisphere 
5Hydrographical Map of the World. Eastern Hemisphere 
3Map of the World showing .. Active Volcanoes and .. Earthquakes 
6Hydrographical Map of the World showing the Currents, Temperatures etc. of the Ocean 
7Meteorological Map of the World 
8Map of the World showing .. Winds 
9Hyetographic Map showing the distribution of the Rain over the Globe 
10Botanical Map 
11Zoological Map .. Mammiferous Animals 
12Zoological Map .. Birds and Reptiles 
13Ethnographical Map of the WorldThe human race
14Clouds. Map of the Orinoco 
Political Geography
IEastern Hemisphere 
IIWestern Hemisphere 
IIIThe World in Mercator's Projection 
VBritish Isles 
VIEngland and Wales 
XBelgiumalso Luxemburg and Limburg
XIINorthern Germany 
XIIICentral Germany 
XIVSouthern Germany 
XVIAustrian Empire 
XVIIINorth Italy 
XIXSouth Italy 
XXSpain and Portugal 
XXIISweden and Norway 
XXIIIRussia in Europe 
XXVTurkey in Europe 
XXVIITurkey in Asia 
XXVIIIRussia in Asia 
XXIXIran or Persia 
XXXPalestine Ancient and Modern 
XXXIIBurman Empire, and Hindoo-Chinese States 
XXXIIIChina and Japan 
XXXVSouth Africa (Cape Colony) 
XXXVIThe Countries of the Nile and part of Arabia. Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia
XXXVIINorth America 
XXXVIIICanada &c. British Possessions in North America 
XXXIXUnited StatesIowa is the westernmost state shown
XLCalifornia, Mexico, Guatimala &c 
XLISouth America 
XLIIColumbia. New Grenada, Venezuela, Equador 
XLIIIBrazil &c. Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay 
XLIVChile and La Plata 
XLVPeru and Boliviashowing the Bolivian coast
XLVIWest Indies 
XLVIIIVan Dieman's Land 
LINew Zealand 
XLIXEast India Isles 
LPacific Ocean 

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