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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0003:0000A View of .. Rivers .. and .. Mountains in the World3517x27668763$12
0003:0001Title Page2706x34896636$4
0003:0002Annual Revolution of the Earth round the Sun3628x290310321$12
0003:0003Phases and Movements of the Moon3628x27299310$12
0003:0004Selenographic map of the whole visible Hemisphere of the Moon3628x27529781$12
0003:0005Map of the Heavens in January, February & March3680x28368978$12
0003:0006Map of the Heavens in April, May & June3628x29389142$12
0003:0007Map of the Heavens in August, September & OctoberJuly is not covered3523x30089535$12
0003:0008Map of the Heavens in November, December & JanuaryJanuary is covered twice3697x29849503$12
0003:0009Orographical Map of the Globe. Western Hemisphere3077x368610079$12
0003:0010Orographical Map of the Globe. Eastern Hemisphere3031x359310001$12
0003:0011Hydrographical Map of the World. Western Hemisphere3089x35129082$12
0003:0012Hydrographical Map of the World. Eastern Hemisphere3341x356910641$12
0003:0013Map of the World showing .. Active Volcanoes and .. Earthquakes3393x25978070$12
0003:0014Hydrographical Map of the World showing the Currents, Temperatures etc. of the Ocean3321x25148037$12
0003:0015Meteorological Map of the World3362x25457891$12
0003:0016Map of the World showing .. Winds3362x25458285$12
0003:0017Hyetographic Map showing the distribution of the Rain over the Globe3362x25458472$12
0003:0018Botanical Map3372x25978098$12
0003:0019Zoological Map .. Mammiferous Animals3372x25978277$12
0003:0020Zoological Map .. Birds and Reptiles3372x25978094$12
0003:0021Ethnographical Map of the WorldThe human race3290x26078310$12
0003:0022Clouds. Map of the OrinocoRio Negro, Casiquiare3372x25978190$12
0003:0023Eastern Hemisphere2886x31558137$12
0003:0024Western Hemisphere2886x31557564$12
0003:0025The World in Mercator's Projection3372x25147988$12
0003:0027British Isles2576x31978104$12
0003:0028England and Wales2638x31978663$12
0003:0032BelgiumLuxemburg Limburg3197x26697645$12
0003:0034Northern Germany3166x26178081$12
0003:0035Central Germany3166x26177176$12
0003:0036Southern Germany3166x26178177$12
0003:0038Austrian Empire3145x25667824$12
0003:0041North Italy3103x25557908$12
0003:0042South Italy3103x25557325$12
0003:0043Spain and Portugal3207x25558586$12
0003:0045Sweden and Norway2555x32598101$12
0003:0046Russia in Europe2710x32489016$12
0003:0047Turkey in Europe2555x31557665$12
0003:0049Turkey in Asia3217x25247892$12
0003:0050Russia in Asia3134x25147756$12
0003:0051Iran or Persia3103x25458028$12
0003:0052Palestine Ancient and Modern2483x33108093$12
0003:0054Burman Empire, and Hindoo-Chinese StatesBurma, Laos, Anam Annam, Siam, Malaya2514x31668240$12
0003:0055China and Japan3134x25558047$12
0003:0057South Africa (Cape Colony)3155x25557722$12
0003:0058The Countries of the Nile and part of Arabia.Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia2586x34248965$12
0003:0059North America2555x31037865$12
0003:0060Canada &c. British Possessions in North America3124x25147975$12
0003:0061United StatesIowa is the westernmost state shown2566x31867900$12
0003:0062California, Mexico, Guatimala &cGuatemala3186x25668012$12
0003:0063South America2566x31867743$12
0003:0064Columbia. New Grenada, Venezuela, Equador3124x25457860$12
0003:0065Brazil &c. Guyana, Paraguay, Uruguay2545x31247851$12
0003:0066Chile and La PlataArgentina2545x32488029$12
0003:0067Peru and Boliviashowing the Bolivian coast3248x25457625$12
0003:0068West Indies3114x26387527$12
0003:0070Van Dieman's LandTasmania2545x32177449$12
0003:0071New Zealand2545x32177224$12
0003:0072East India Isles3176x25978543$12
0003:0073Pacific Ocean3238x25557960$12

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