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Index no. 0052

Joint Maps of the

Northern Boundary

of the

United States

From the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.

Published in Washington D.C., 1878.

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate titleRange of Longitude
(cover)Front cover / Title page
Index mapIndex map114°20' to 94°30' W
IJoint map no. I95°25' to 94°32' W
IIJoint map no. II95°02' to 94°09' W
IIIJoint map no. III95°56' to 95°01' W
IVJoint map no. IV96°47' to 95°55' W
VJoint map no. V97°40' to 96°46' W
VIJoint map no. VI98°34' to 97°41' W
VIIJoint map no. VII99°27' to 98°33' W
VIIIJoint map no. VIII100°09' to 99°26' W
IXJoint map no. IX101°11' to 100°19' W
XJoint map no. X102°04' to 101°12' W
XIJoint map no. XI102°57' to 102°04' W
XIIJoint map no. XII103°49' to 102°58' W
XIIIJoint map no. XIII104°43' to 103°50' W
XIVJoint map no. XIV105°36' to 104°42' W
XVJoint map no. XV106°29' to 105°35' W
XVIJoint map no. XVI107°21' to 106°28' W
XVIIJoint map no. XVII108°13' to 107°21' W
XVIIIJoint map no. XVIII109°07' to 108°14' W
XIXJoint map no. XIX109°59' to 109°06' W
XXJoint map no. XX110°52' to 109°59' W
XXIJoint map no. XXI111°44' to 110°52' W
XXIIJoint map no. XXII112°38' to 111°45' W
XXIIIJoint map no. XXIII113°30' to 112°38' W
XXIVJoint map no. XXIV114°23' to 113°31' W

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