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Plate 34 from Die Bulgaren in ihren historischen, ethnographischen und politischen Grenzen by Ishirkoff & Zlatarski Index no. 0048:0034
Bulgaria according to the Treaty of St. Stefano (1878)  —  A Map to illustrate Articles I. III. VI. of the Treaty of Peace Signed at San Stefano February 19, 1878

The green-bordered text below is is the English version of the explanatory text, from the page facing the map. Another page on this site gives the full text in German, English, French, and Bulgarian.

34. – Bulgaria according to the Treaty of St. Stefano (1878).

This map depicts the boundaries of the Bulgarian Principality according to the treaty agreed between Turkey and Russia at St. Stefano on February 19, 1878 (old style). These boundaries do not by any means comprise the whole ethnological extent of the Bulgarian people. Thus: the largest part of the Dobrudja was at that time ceded by Russia to her ally Roumania as territorial indemnification for Bessarabia that had been taken from Roumania, whereas the cities Nisch and Lesskovetz hap been given with their country districts to Servia for the latter's participation in the war against Turkey. But all the same, to the dominion of the newly created Bulgarian Principality belonged nearly all North-Bulgaria and the largest part of Thracia and Macedonia, with a western frontier including the towns Pirot, Vranja, Katschanik, Debr, Struga, Ochrida, and Kortscha: in the south, to the new principality belonged the towns Kostur, Voden, Enidje-Vardar, the mouth of the river Vardar in the very port of Salonica, Seress, Drama, Kavala, Mustafa-Pascha, Losen-Grad (Kirklisse), and Liule-Burgas; the south-eastern boundary touched the sea immediatly above the townlet Midia.

It can be easily understood that the liberation of Bulgaria made all the Bulgarians of that time so grateful to Russia that nobody thought of uttering a protest against her for the cession of Bulgarian territories to Servia and Roumania, but an open wound remained in all Bulgarian hearts for this loss, which wound was only healed in the years 1915 and 1916.

We copy this map from the English Blue-Book, entitled: "Turkey No. 23 (1878). Maps showing the New Boundaries under the Preliminary Treaty of Peace between Russia and Turkey, signed at San Stefano, 19th February - 3rd March 1878." The Bulgarian territories ceded to Roumania and Servia are very easy to distinguished on this map.

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