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Index no. 0034

Mémoires de Madame la Marquise de Larochejaquelin

Seconde Édition, Revue et Corrigée

This page links to scans of the two maps from Madame la Marquise de Larochejaquelin's "Mémoires", which give the history of the "Revolt in the Vendée".

Marie Louise Victoire la Marquise de Larochejaquelin was the sister-in-law of Henri de Larochejaquelin, royalist and leader of the counter-revolution of La Vendée. Henri is the hero of Anthony Trollope's "La Vendée". Trollope obtained much of his information from this work (or from the English-language edition of it which was also published in 1815).

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate titleFrench title
(t.p.)title page
(1)Rebel territory in March 1793; known always to its inhabitants as "Pays de Boccage" and now improperly known by the name of "Vendée"Pays insurgé en mars 1793; connu de tous Tems par ses Habitans sous le Nom de Pays de Boccage Et aujourd'hui improprement sous celui de Vendée
(2)Itinerary of the march of the great Vendéan army to Granville, and of its return to its destruction at Savenay.

Supplementary map of the country between Savenay and Pont-Chateau.

Itinéraire De la marche de la Grande Armé Vendéenne jusqu'a Granville, et de son retour jusqu'a sa destruction à Savenay.

Plan supplementaire du pays entre Savenay et Pont-Chateau.

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