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Index no. 0014

Illustrirter Hand-Atlas der Geographie und Statistik

herausgegeben von Traugott Bromme

Scanning and other details

This atlas was published in Stuttgart, "verlag von Krais & Hoffmann", in 1862.

The area of each single plate within the black border measures 288mm x 176 mm. The maps, on double-sized plates, are 374 x 283mm.

The binding has been repaired at some date, using the original boards and endpapers, and is now in remarkably robust condition. It does not allow the plates to be opened out fully so as to lie flat on my scanner, so these plates, particularly the ones near the middle of the atlas, have not scanned well near the centre fold.

The plates of flags, and those of heraldry and medals, are interspersed among the maps, but are presented here with all the flags together, follwed by all the hrealdry and medals together. The first plate of heraldry and medals is bound as a frontispiece; this may possibly explain why the next plate, "Erdkarte", is numbered "2".

List of plates.

Scanning details:

Scan at 600 d.p.i.