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Index no. 0010

БОЛЬШОЙ всемірный настольный АТЛАСЪ МАРКСА
Marx's Large world table Atlas


Marx's Large world table Atlas is an adaptation of Debe's Atlas, with the placenames converted to Russian, and with the addition of sixteen plates of European Russia, Европейская Россія. This page links to scans of these sixteen plates.

The entire gazetteer of this Atlas is now available on this site, for the use of readers who want to find a place on one of these sixteen plates.

To see one of the plates, click on its thumbnail in the grid, or use the list below.

Further information.

Plate numberTitle of plate, in English
0Title page
1Plate 1
2Plate 2
3Plate 3
4Plate 4
5Plate 5
6Plate 6
7Plate 7
8aPlate 8, top half
8bPlate 8, lower half
9Plate 9
10Plate 10
11Plate 11
12Plate 12
13Plate 13
14Plate 14, with insets showing the neighbourhoods of Moscow and of St. Petersburg
15Plate 15
16Plate 16

You can buy higher-resolution versions of the scans listed here, see price list.