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Index no. 0051



zu des

Freyherrn A. G. von Groſs

ebemaligen Obrist-Lieutenants in Holländischen Diensten

Historisch-militairischer handbuche für die Kriegsgeschichte der Jahre 1792 − 1808 gehörig.

Published in Amsterdam, 1808, im Verlage des Kunst- und Industrie-Comptoirs.

List of plates.

Scanning details:

Scann at 600 d.p.i.
Copy and splice plates VI and XIII
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Date scanned: 2013-12

Near the centre of plate VI, there is a pasted-on flap of paper which can be folded to the right to show one state of the battle (first map image for VI), or folded back to show another state. When it is folded back, its underside conceals what is to the west of the changed area. I have combined two scans to produce a map image (second map image for VI) in which the flap is folded back but nothing is concealed.

Near the centre of plate XIII, there are two such pasted-on flaps, covering the same area. I have therefore created three map images for this plate.