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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0043:0000[title page]3454x527812347$2
0043:0001Europe 1490 A.D.6931x524734903$5
0043:0002The Age of Discovery6808x522427921$4
0043:0003The Ottoman Advance in Europe & Asia Minor6731x506327709$5
0043:0004Italy c. 1490; with inset, Valley of the Po5270x683028501$5
0043:0005The Empire, showing the division into Circles3323x450112444$4
0043:0006The Burgundian Lands3358x537615050$4
0043:0007The Iberian Peninsula in the time of Ferdinand and Isabella7000x524830083$5
0043:0008France under Louis XI5280x694129026$5
0043:0009Universities of Europe3477x509313058$3
0043:0010Dominions of the House of Habsburg in Europe at the abdication of Charles V5150x320613957$3
0043:0011Eastern frontier of France. Wars of France and the Empire 1521-15595310x687027475$4
0043:0012Germany at the accession of Charles V6939x527029053$5
0043:0013Southern Germany and England. The peasant movements of the XVIth and early XVIIth centuries5330x701029855$4
0043:0014Germany: Schmalkaldic War3400x531616195$3
0043:0015The Swiss Confederation5311x330513126$4
0043:0016England & Wales under the Tudors5270x684028241$4
0043:0017Scandinavia in the time of Gustavus Vasa4511x707725486$4
0043:0018Western and Central Europe. The progress of the Reformation to 15606769x523928678$4
0043:0019France: the religious wars5330x705032809$4
0043:0020Poland and Lithuania. The Union of Lublin 15695173x316912804$3
0043:0021Hungary at the end of the sixteenth century6946x520930118$5
0043:0022The Netherlands. The wars of independence5350x696031195$5
0043:0023Scotland in the XBIth and XVIIth centuries5280x707033037$4
0043:0024North-eastern Atlantic: Elizabethan naval war3200x520912677$3
0043:0025Savoy in 16013439x520914714$3
0043:0026Italy at the end on the sixteenth century5400x702028552$5
0043:0027Ireland at the beginning of the XVIth century4401x691125617$5
0043:0028Religious Divisions of Germany c. 16107000x542626738$5
0043:0029Germany: the Thirty Years War, 1619-16296834x526825351$4
0043:0030The Grisons (Graubünden) and the Valtelline5089x336214203$4
0043:0031Germany: the Edict of restitution, 16293307x517012412$3
0043:0032Eastern Baltic & Northern Poland. Wars of Sweden with Poland & Russia 1560-16613215x524414556$3
0043:0033Germany: the Thirty Years War, 1630-1648. The Swedish campaigns.6933x536827342$4
0043:0034England & Wales at the outbreak of the Civil War3261x517112590$3
0043:0035England & Wales after the Campaigns of 16443285x516213094$3
0043:0036England & Wales: the Civil War5240x694130885$4
0043:0037Ireland 1558-16523236x517915620$5
0043:0038Ireland according to the Act of Settlement 26th Sept. 1653 and subsequent orders3214x520914903$5
0043:0039The Thirty Years War. The French War 1635-48 and the Dutch War with Spain 1620-485300x709030302$4
0043:0040Germany: the Peace of Westphalia5147x339513070$5
0043:0041Europe in 16486823x532532191$5
0043:0042North Sea and English Channel. The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century5116x317412312$3
0043:0043Portuguese, Dutch and English in the East c. 16507085x502329298$5
0043:0044Eastern Spain and western Italy. The Franco-Spanish War 1635-595164x325213251$3
0043:0045The Netherlands and western Germany. The wars of 1648-17155355x572726030$5
0043:0046Eastern France: territorial acquisitions during the reign of Louis XIV3150x513713157$3
0043:0047Ireland 1660-18003236x512214758$4
0043:0048South-eastern Europe. Wars of Turkey with the Empire, Venice and Poland 1648-17395360x702033275$4
0043:0049Northern Italy. Wars of the eighteenth century 1701-17635137x317913233$3
0043:0050West European waters. Anglo-French naval wars 1689-17635370x707028944$4
0043:0051Europe in 1721 after the treaties of Utrecht & Nystad6892x528631538$5
0043:0052Russia in 17253323x510913775$3
0043:0053The Baltic lands, 16615340x699030639$4
0043:0054Scandinavia, Russia and Poland. The northern war, 1700-216862x530132857$4
0043:0055Brandenburg Prussia, expansion 1525-16485105x316912450$3
0043:0056Scotland and northern England, campaigns of the Pretenders5280x700031895$4
0043:0057Central Europe: wars of Frederick the Great6692x529330039$4
0043:0058Poland, the partitions6808x520825908$5
0043:0059Prussia: territorial expansion 1648-17956923x519330489$4
0043:0060Austrian Empire .. territorial changes 1648-17955268x332213491$4
0043:0061Russia, territorial expansion 1725-17955172x675530594$4
0043:0062The Empire and the Netherlands c 17926623x520029279$5
0043:0063Europe in 17926877x522432723$5
0043:0064India: the beginnings of British Dominion5170x676027844$4
0043:0065Africa in the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries; with inset the Gold and Slave coasts5210x651026885$4
0043:0066European colonisation in North America to 17005270x694028411$5
0043:0067French expansion and British conquests in North America to 1763; with inset Quebec5310x698030748$5
0043:0068The Thirteen Colonies at the end of the colonial period3285x516214880$3
0043:0069West Indies in 17636914x513629883$4
0043:0070Eastern North America in 1812. The War of Independence and the War of 1812. With inset Boston5310x695029113$3
0043:0071Mexico and Texas, 1845-18483571x517814890$4
0043:0072Expansion of the United States6964x525035484$4
0043:0073The United States: the secession5125x344014181$3
0043:0074The Civil War in the United States6931x525431034$4
0043:0075The West Indies and the Philippine Islands. The Spanish American War5126x349515283$3
0043:0076United States: distribution of population & railways in 18504132x351610970$3
0043:0077United States: distribution of population & railways in 19004053x353111097$3
0043:0078United States: economoic regions5026x320511864$3
0043:0079France before the Revolution6793x534730573$4
0043:0080Paris during the Revolution6808x526230640$5
0043:0081Eastern frontier of France: revolutionary campaigns 1792-955201x695035144$4
0043:0082Britanny and Vendée3237x515117340$3
0043:0083Northern Italy: Bonaparte's campaign, 1796-976924x531535736$4
0043:0084Central Europe after the Peace of Basel and of Campo Formio3323x522315330$4
0043:0085Egypt & Syria3286x516312994$3
0043:0086Italy in 1799. The war with Naples 1798-993500x512316027$4
0043:0087European waters, naval wars 1792-1815; with inset, part of the French & Flemish coast6900x516228443$4
0043:0088South-west Germany and North Italy: the War of the Second Coalition, 1798-18015340x699033943$5
0043:0089Central Europe 1803 after the Peace of Lunéville 1801 and the secularisations 18035090x321512529$3
0043:0090Switzerland under the Act of Mediation, 18037008x524728367$4
0043:0091North Atlantic, naval war, 1803-057008x524728367$4
0043:0092Central Europe: Wars of the Third Coalition 1805-07; with inset, the neighbourhood of Austerlitz5390x696033571$5
0043:0093Central Europe: the Austrian War 1809; with inset, neighbourhood of Vienna6873x539439132$5
0043:0094French Empire and Central Europe 1811: political divisions6915x540035600$5
0043:0095Spain & Portugal: the Peninsular War and other wars of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries6984x533131280$4
0043:0096Central Russia: the war of 18125165x336512888$3
0043:0097Germany & Eastern France: the War of Liberation 1813-14; withy insets, the neighbourhood of Paris, and the neighbourhood of Leipzig7023x535435418$4
0043:0098North-eastern frontier of France: the Waterloo campaign, 18155148x334714694$3
0043:0099India in 1804: the Mysore & Maratha wars, 1792-18045300x694030966$5
0043:0100The Eastern World: European colonies and dependencies, 18156815x488428979$5
0043:0101The Western World: European colonies and dependencies, 18155420x701034510$5
0043:0102Europe after the Congress of Vienna6839x522333215$5
0043:0103France since 18146715x519237699$4
0043:0104Italy since 1815: the struggle for unity; with inset, satges in the union of Italy 1859-705260x692031133$5
0043:0105Ottoman Empire in Europe, 1792-18705260x686031429$4
0043:0106Spanish & Portuguese settlements in America; with inset, Latin America after the War of Independence 18255360x631028692$4
0043:0107The Germanic Confederation, 18155210x683026433$5
0043:0108Russia in Europe in the nineteenth century; with inset, the neighbourhood of Warsaw5300x698029250$5
0043:0109The Kingdom of The Netherlands 1815-39, Holland & Belgium since 18393454x503814920$3
0043:0110Ottoman Empire in Asia since 17925132x335814155$3
0043:0111The Austrian dominions since 18156846x520734960$5
0043:0112Switzerland in the nineteenth century: the Sonderbund War5142x324215360$3
0043:0113England & Wales: parliamentary representation in 1832 before the Reform Bill3365x522216248$3
0043:0114England & Wales: parliamentary representation in 1832 after the Reform Bill3238x516215842$4
0043:0115The Black Sea: the Crimean War5100x318414715$3
0043:0116Denmark and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein: the war of 18643185x510014353$3
0043:0117Central Europe: the war of 1866; with inset, N.E. Bohemia5290x653030207$5
0043:0118Eastern France: the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71; with inset; neighbourhood of Metz6800x520828980$4
0043:0119Ottoman Empire in Europe 1870-785180x677032166$5
0043:0120The Balkan Peninsula 1878-19105280x688030433$4
0043:0121England and Wales 1649-19105300x697030645$5
0043:0122India in the 19th century: British Expansion 1805-19106261x525328073$4
0043:0123Northern India: the Mutiny 1857-596623x521538004$5
0043:0124The Western Frontier of India, and neighbouring countries; with inset, valley of the Kabul river3317x525016571$4
0043:0125The eastern frontier of India, and neighbouring countries: French and English expansion, 1805-19073317x525016571$4
0043:0126The Dominion of Canada, and Newfoundland6869x517033274$4
0043:0127British North America, 1840-67. Political divisions in 1867 before confederation. The Alaska boundary. The Maine boundary3434x516616455$3
0043:0128The Australian colonies in the 19th century; with inset, Australia in 1851: the early settlements6669x524631459$4
0043:0129The Dominion of New Zealand3316x523014936$3
0043:0130Africa in 1910; with inset, Africa in 18705240x640028516$5
0043:0131North-western Africa: French colonialisation5233x322315696$3
0043:0132Egypt under British protection, and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan3215x516914841$3
0043:0133South Africa since 1815: Kaffir and Boer Wars6893x520832578$5
0043:0134West Indies and Central America, 19105163x323716556$4
0043:0135South America 19105280x690034161$5
0043:0136Northern Asia: Russian expansion in the XIXth century6831x516238610$4
0043:0137The Japanese Empire: the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-056646x517033485$4
0043:0138The Chinese Empire, 1910; with inset, the neighbourhood of Peking6877x526239622$5
0043:0139The Pacific Ocean, 19106315x526231720$5
0043:0140The World: colonial posessions and commercial highways, 19106885x527737337$5
0043:0141Europe in 19106700x523434174$5

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