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Index no. 0043

The Cambridge Modern History Atlas

published by Cambridge University Press

Edited by A.W.Ward, G.W.Prothero, and Stanley Leathes, assisted by E.A.Benians

This historical atlas is not particularly pretty, but is more reliable than most.

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate title
t.p.[title page]
1Europe 1490 A.D.
2The Age of Discovery
3The Ottoman Advance in Europe & Asia Minor
4Italy c. 1490; with inset, Valley of the Po
5The Empire, showing the division into Circles
6The Burgundian Lands
7The Iberian Peninsula in the time of Ferdinand and Isabella
8France under Louis XI
9Universities of Europe
10Dominions of the House of Habsburg in Europe at the abdication of Charles V
11Eastern frontier of France. Wars of France and the Empire 1521-1559
12Germany at the accession of Charles V
13Southern Germany and England. The peasant movements of the XVIth and early XVIIth centuries
14Germany: Schmalkaldic War
15The Swiss Confederation
16England & Wales under the Tudors
17Scandinavia in the time of Gustavus Vasa
18Western and Central Europe. The progress of the Reformation to 1560
19France: the religious wars
20Poland and Lithuania. The Union of Lublin 1569
21Hungary at the end of the sixteenth century
22The Netherlands. The wars of independence
23Scotland in the XBIth and XVIIth centuries
24North-eastern Atlantic: Elizabethan naval war
25Savoy in 1601
26Italy at the end on the sixteenth century
27Ireland at the beginning of the XVIth century
28Religious Divisions of Germany c. 1610
29Germany: the Thirty Years War, 1619-1629
30The Grisons (Graubünden) and the Valtelline
31Germany: the Edict of restitution, 1629
32Eastern Baltic & Northern Poland. Wars of Sweden with Poland & Russia 1560-1661
33Germany: the Thirty Years War, 1630-1648. The Swedish campaigns.
34England & Wales at the outbreak of the Civil War
35England & Wales after the Campaigns of 1644
36England & Wales: the Civil War
37Ireland 1558-1652
38Ireland according to the Act of Settlement 26th Sept. 1653 and subsequent orders
39The Thirty Years War. The French War 1635-48 and the Dutch War with Spain 1620-48
40Germany: the Peace of Westphalia
41Europe in 1648
42North Sea and English Channel. The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th century
43Portuguese, Dutch and English in the East c. 1650
44Eastern Spain and western Italy. The Franco-Spanish War 1635-59
45The Netherlands and western Germany. The wars of 1648-1715
46Eastern France: territorial acquisitions during the reign of Louis XIV
47Ireland 1660-1800
48South-eastern Europe. Wars of Turkey with the Empire, Venice and Poland 1648-1739
49Northern Italy. Wars of the eighteenth century 1701-1763
50West European waters. Anglo-French naval wars 1689-1763
51Europe in 1721 after the treaties of Utrecht & Nystad
52Russia in 1725
53The Baltic lands, 1661
54Scandinavia, Russia and Poland. The northern war, 1700-21
55Brandenburg Prussia, expansion 1525-1648
56Scotland and northern England, campaigns of the Pretenders
57Central Europe: wars of Frederick the Great
58Poland, the partitions
59Prussia: territorial expansion 1648-1795
60Austrian Empire .. territorial changes 1648-1795
61Russia, territorial expansion 1725-1795
62The Empire and the Netherlands c 1792
63Europe in 1792
64India: the beginnings of British Dominion
65Africa in the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries; with inset the Gold and Slave coasts
66European colonisation in North America to 1700
67French expansion and British conquests in North America to 1763; with inset Quebec
68The Thirteen Colonies at the end of the colonial period
69West Indies in 1763
70Eastern North America in 1812. The War of Independence and the War of 1812. With inset Boston
71Mexico and Texas, 1845-1848
72Expansion of the United States
73The United States: the secession
74The Civil War in the United States
75The West Indies and the Philippine Islands. The Spanish American War
76United States: distribution of population & railways in 1850
77United States: distribution of population & railways in 1900
78United States: economoic regions
79France before the Revolution
80Paris during the Revolution
81Eastern frontier of France: revolutionary campaigns 1792-95
82Britanny and Vendée
83Northern Italy: Bonaparte's campaign, 1796-97
84Central Europe after the Peace of Basel and of Campo Formio
85Egypt & Syria
86Italy in 1799. The war with Naples 1798-99
87European waters, naval wars 1792-1815; with inset, part of the French & Flemish coast
88South-west Germany and North Italy: the War of the Second Coalition, 1798-1801
89Central Europe 1803 after the Peace of Lunéville 1801 and the secularisations 1803
90Switzerland under the Act of Mediation, 1803
91North Atlantic, naval war, 1803-05
92Central Europe: Wars of the Third Coalition 1805-07; with inset, the neighbourhood of Austerlitz
93Central Europe: the Austrian War 1809; with inset, neighbourhood of Vienna
94French Empire and Central Europe 1811: political divisions
95Spain & Portugal: the Peninsular War and other wars of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries
96Central Russia: the war of 1812
97Germany & Eastern France: the War of Liberation 1813-14; withy insets, the neighbourhood of Paris, and the neighbourhood of Leipzig
98North-eastern frontier of France: the Waterloo campaign, 1815
99India in 1804: the Mysore & Maratha wars, 1792-1804
100The Eastern World: European colonies and dependencies, 1815
101The Western World: European colonies and dependencies, 1815
102Europe after the Congress of Vienna
103France since 1814
104Italy since 1815: the struggle for unity; with inset, satges in the union of Italy 1859-70
105Ottoman Empire in Europe, 1792-1870
106Spanish & Portuguese settlements in America; with inset, Latin America after the War of Independence 1825
107The Germanic Confederation, 1815
108Russia in Europe in the nineteenth century; with inset, the neighbourhood of Warsaw
109The Kingdom of The Netherlands 1815-39, Holland & Belgium since 1839
110Ottoman Empire in Asia since 1792
111The Austrian dominions since 1815
112Switzerland in the nineteenth century: the Sonderbund War
113England & Wales: parliamentary representation in 1832 before the Reform Bill
114England & Wales: parliamentary representation in 1832 after the Reform Bill
115The Black Sea: the Crimean War
116Denmark and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein: the war of 1864
117Central Europe: the war of 1866; with inset, N.E. Bohemia
118Eastern France: the Franco-Prussian War 1870-71; with inset; neighbourhood of Metz
119Ottoman Empire in Europe 1870-78
120The Balkan Peninsula 1878-1910
121England and Wales 1649-1910
122India in the 19th century: British Expansion 1805-1910
123Northern India: the Mutiny 1857-59
124The Western Frontier of India, and neighbouring countries; with inset, valley of the Kabul river
125The eastern frontier of India, and neighbouring countries: French and English expansion, 1805-1907
126The Dominion of Canada, and Newfoundland
127British North America, 1840-67. Political divisions in 1867 before confederation. The Alaska boundary. The Maine boundary
128The Australian colonies in the 19th century; with inset, Australia in 1851: the early settlements
129The Dominion of New Zealand
130Africa in 1910; with inset, Africa in 1870
131North-western Africa: French colonialisation
132Egypt under British protection, and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
133South Africa since 1815: Kaffir and Boer Wars
134West Indies and Central America, 1910
135South America 1910
136Northern Asia: Russian expansion in the XIXth century
137The Japanese Empire: the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05
138The Chinese Empire, 1910; with inset, the neighbourhood of Peking
139The Pacific Ocean, 1910
140The World: colonial posessions and commercial highways, 1910
141Europe in 1910

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