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Historical Atlas of Modern Europe
by R. Lane Poole

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0036:0001The Roman Empire from Diocletian to the death of Theodosius (285-395 A.D.)4117x303111239$4
0036:0002Europe 395-527 A.D.: The Barbarian Invasions.3859x303110524$4
0036:0003Europe, 527-750 A.D.3890x300010182$4
0036:0004Europe in the time of Charles the Great4086x302110822$4
0036:0005Europe at the time of the restoration of the Empire in the west by Otto the Great, 962.4066x301011345$4
0036:0006Europe at the time of the Third Crusade8201x639045589$8
0036:0007Europe in 13604045x300012022$4
0036:0008Europe at the Accession of the Emperor Charles V8423x642349124$8
0036:0009Europe after the Peace of Westphalia, 1648.4045x300011531$4
0036:0010Europe in the eighteenth century prior to the French Revolution.4024x304111663$4
0036:0011Central Europe from the Peace of Basle to the War of the 2nd Coalition. Central Europe from the Peace of Lunéville to the Decree of the Imperial Diet.7874x571038844$3
0036:0012Central Europe from the Establishment of the French Emp[ire] to the Abolition of the German Emp[ire]. Central Europe from the Peace of Tilsit to the War with Austria.7865x578335821$3
0036:0013Europe, 1814-18634086x296912718$4
0036:0014Central and Eastern Europe, 1863-18978345x633451064$8
0036:0015Roman Britain.3848x30109396$4
0036:0016England and Wales before the Norman Conquest2979x397210487$4
0036:0017England and Wales in 1086. Wales and the Borders about 1185.6337x823843839$8
0036:0018England and Wales under Edward I2979x395210199$4
0036:0019The ecclesiastical geography of England2979x395210488$4
0036:0020England and Wales under the House of Lancaster2979x410710824$4
0036:0021Anglia Monastica2979x392110669$4
0036:0022England and Wales after the accession of the House of Tudor2948x392110653$4
0036:0023Parliamentary representation of England and Wales2948x39219717$4
0036:0024England and Wales shewing the Parliamentary Representation according to the reform Act of 18326406x820143104$8
0036:0026The ecclesiastical organization of Scotland in the Middle Ages2948x392110610$4
0036:0027Scotland, c. 16002948x392111315$4
0036:0028Scotland showing the distribution of the Principal Clans & Families. Scotland showing the Parliamentary Representation before 1832.8211x639143474$8
0036:0029Early Ireland3890x303111003$4
0036:0030Ireland under the Tudors3859x304110661$4
0036:0031Ireland from 1541-16533859x296910594$4
0036:0032The Frankish dominions in Merovingian times (486-768)3890x301011043$4
0036:0033The Frankish dominions in Carolingian times (768-900)3879x303111303$4
0036:0034Germany under the Saxon and Salian dynasties (919-1137)3879x303111580$4
0036:0035Germany under the House of Hohenstaufen, 1138-12543879x303111500$4
0036:0036Germany in the Later Middle Ages (1273-1492)3879x303112611$4
0036:0037Germania Sacra illustrating the ecclesiastical divisions in the Middle Ages3879x303111609$4
0036:0038Germany during the period of the Thirty Years' War [western part]6338x821353460$8
0036:0039Germany during the period of the Thirty Years' War [eastern part]6450x833847705$8
0036:0040Germany at the Peace of Westphalia8028x621951050$8
0036:0041Germany 1648-17958029x620150371$8
0036:0042The Growth of Prussia 1415-18907901x617449029$8
0036:0043The Formation of the Modern German Empire8001x621947143$8
0036:0044The Swiss Confederation.3879x303112078$4
0036:0045Hungary, 997-13823879x303110081$4
0036:0046Hungary, 1382-17393879x303111114$4
0036:0047Poland & Lithuania3879x30319548$4
0036:0048Poland from the Union of Lublin to the third partition, 1569-17953879x30319662$4
0036:0049Russia, 1613-18783021x39319348$4
0036:0050Scandinavia, 13th century6339x816445369$8
0036:0051Scandinavia, from 1521 to 18152979x393110584$4
0036:0052The Netherlands2979x393111157$4
0036:0053France, Lotharingia, and Burgundy in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries2979x393111048$4
0036:0054Northern France in 10663931x297911357$4
0036:0055France in the Thirteenth Century2979x393111360$4
0036:0056France during the Hundred Years' War3890x301010456$4
0036:0057Gallia Sacra3000x40009926$4
0036:0058France under the Ancien Régime, 1600-17903000x400010023$4
0036:0059The French Empire in 18108028x622944029$8
0036:0060The Spanish Peninsula, 1263-14924000x30009208$4
0036:0061The ecclesiastical organization of the Spanish Peninsula4000x30009551$4
0036:0062The Spanish Kingdoms since 15134200x30009817$4
0036:0063Italy in the Lombard period, A.D. 568-7743000x40008849$4
0036:0064Italy c. 1000-1067. Italy between c. 850 & 1000. Sicily under Saracen Rule.6301x818845352$8
0036:0065Italy c. 1060 - 11676363x825146105$8
0036:0066Italy c. 1167 - 12506276x816444473$8
0036:0067Northern Italy in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries3000x40009825$4
0036:0068Italy after the Peace of Lodi (1454)2925x39009067$4
0036:0069Italia Sacra illustrating the ecclesiastical divisions in the Middle Ages3000x39009048$4
0036:0070The House of Savoy in Italy3000x40009143$4
0036:0071The Eastern Roman Empire in the tenth century (plate I.)3000x40009863$4
0036:0072The Eastern Roman Empire in the tenth century (plate II.)3000x40009792$4
0036:0073The Eastern Roman Empire from the death of Basil II to its fall (1025-1472)4000x30008759$4
0036:0074South-Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, c. 12104000x30008456$4
0036:0075The Eastern Patriarchates c. 750. Patriarchate of Constantinople 911. SW Asia Minor.7991x619141365$8
0036:0076Syria during the Period of the Crusades, 1096-1291. Kingdom of Cyprus.6351x827640091$8
0036:0077Western Asia under the Abbasid Caliphs (786)3900x30008739$4
0036:0078Western Asia under the Mohammaden Dynasties c. 970 and c. 1070 A.D.4000x30009788$4
0036:0079Western Asia at the time of Saladin, A.D. 11904000x30009834$4
0036:0080Western Asia under the Mongols, A.D. 13304000x300010760$4
0036:0081Western Asia under the Turks & Persians8310x643847461$8
0036:0082The Ottoman Empire in Europe 1356-1897 6276x812644965$8
0036:0083The Kingdom of Delhi, A.D. c 1340. The Moghul Empire at the death of Akbar, A.D. 1605.8074x619242171$8
0036:0084India in 1792. India in 1845. Burma showing British Acquisitions, 1826-1890.8110x624645000$8
0036:0085European explorations and colonies from the fifteenth to the seventeeth century4150x31008615$4
0036:0086European colonies and dependencies after the Peace of Utrecht (1713)4000x30008006$4
0036:0087European colonies and dependencies, 17633993x30008837$4
0036:0088The United States after the Treaty of Paris, 1783. The French Proposals of 1792 according to Jay. The Two Lines of Frontier agreed to in Oct. & Nov. 1782 respectively by Mr. Oswald. The Boundary established by the Treaty of Washington, Aug. 9, 1842.8001x618340364$8
0036:0089European colonies and dependencies, and states independent of European powers, 1815-18973993x30009730$4
0036:0090South Africa previous to the Suppression of the Boer Republics.8019x620147094$8

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