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Index no. 0036

Historical Atlas of Modern Europe

R. Lane Poole

This page links to scans of the maps from a volume "Historical Atlas of Modern Europe", by R. Lane Poole.

Scanning and other details about this work.

Plate no.Plate title
IThe Roman Empire from Diocletian to the death of Theodosius (285-395 A.D.)
IIEurope 395-527 A.D.: The Barbarian Invasions.
IIIEurope, 527-750 A.D.
IVEurope in the time of Charles the Great
VEurope at the time of the restoration of the Empire in the west by Otto the Great, 962.
VIEurope at the time of the Third Crusade
VIIEurope in 1360
VIIIEurope at the Accession of the Emperor Charles V
IXEurope after the Peace of Westphalia, 1648.
XEurope in the eighteenth century prior to the French Revolution.
XICentral Europe from the Peace of Basle to the War of the 2nd Coalition. Central Europe from the Peace of Lunéville to the Decree of the Imperial Diet.
XIICentral Europe from the Establishment of the French Emp[ire] to the Abolition of the German Emp[ire]. Central Europe from the Peace of Tilsit to the War with Austria.
XIIIEurope, 1814-1863
XIVCentral and Eastern Europe, 1863-1897
XVRoman Britain.
XVIEngland and Wales before the Norman Conquest
XVIIEngland and Wales in 1086. Wales and the Borders about 1185.
XVIIIEngland and Wales under Edward I
XIXThe ecclesiastical geography of England
XXEngland and Wales under the House of Lancaster
XXIAnglia Monastica
XXIIEngland and Wales after the accession of the House of Tudor
XXIIIParliamentary representation of England and Wales
XXIVEngland and Wales shewing the Parliamentary Representation according to the reform Act of 1832
XXVIThe ecclesiastical organization of Scotland in the Middle Ages
XXVIIScotland, c. 1600
XXVIIIScotland showing the distribution of the Principal Clans & Families. Scotland showing the Parliamentary Representation before 1832.
XXIXEarly Ireland
XXXIreland under the Tudors
XXXIIreland from 1541-1653
XXXIIThe Frankish dominions in Merovingian times (486-768)
XXXIIIThe Frankish dominions in Carolingian times (768-900)
XXXIVGermany under the Saxon and Salian dynasties (919-1137)
XXXVGermany under the House of Hohenstaufen, 1138-1254
XXXVIGermany in the Later Middle Ages (1273-1492)
XXXVIIGermania Sacra illustrating the ecclesiastical divisions in the Middle Ages
XXXVIIIGermany during the period of the Thirty Years' War [western part]
XLIXGermany during the period of the Thirty Years' War [eastern part]
XLGermany at the Peace of Westphalia
XLIGermany 1648-1795
XLIIThe Growth of Prussia 1415-1890
XLIIIThe Formation of the Modern German Empire
XLIVThe Swiss Confederation.
XLVHungary, 997-1382
XLVIHungary, 1382-1739
XLVIIPoland & Lithuania
XLVIIIPoland from the Union of Lublin to the third partition, 1569-1795
XLIXRussia, 1613-1878
LScandinavia, 13th century
LIScandinavia, from 1521 to 1815
LIIThe Netherlands
LIIIFrance, Lotharingia, and Burgundy in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
LIVNorthern France in 1066
LVFrance in the Thirteenth Century
LVIFrance during the Hundred Years' War
LVIIGallia Sacra
LVIIIFrance under the Ancien RĂ©gime, 1600-1790
LIXThe French Empire in 1810
LXThe Spanish Peninsula, 1263-1492
LXIThe ecclesiastical organization of the Spanish Peninsula
LXIIThe Spanish Kingdoms since 1513
LXIIIItaly in the Lombard period, A.D. 568-774
LXIVItaly c. 1000-1067. Italy between c. 850 & 1000. Sicily under Saracen Rule.
LXVItaly c. 1060 - 1167
LXVIItaly c. 1167 - 1250
LXVIINorthern Italy in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries
LXVIIIItaly after the Peace of Lodi (1454)
LXIXItalia Sacra illustrating the ecclesiastical divisions in the Middle Ages
LXXThe House of Savoy in Italy
LXXIThe Eastern Roman Empire in the tenth century (plate I.)
LXXIIThe Eastern Roman Empire in the tenth century (plate II.)
LXXIIIThe Eastern Roman Empire from the death of Basil II to its fall (1025-1472)
LXXIVSouth-Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, c. 1210
LXXVThe Eastern Patriarchates c. 750. Patriarchate of Constantinople 911. SW Asia Minor.
LXXVISyria during the Period of the Crusades, 1096-1291. Kingdom of Cyprus.
LXXVIIWestern Asia under the Abbasid Caliphs (786)
LXXVIIIWestern Asia under the Mohammaden Dynasties c. 970 and c. 1070 A.D.
LXXIXWestern Asia at the time of Saladin, A.D. 1190
LXXXWestern Asia under the Mongols, A.D. 1330
LXXXIWestern Asia under the Turks & Persians
LXXXIIThe Ottoman Empire in Europe 1356-1897
LXXXIIIThe Kingdom of Delhi, A.D. c 1340. The Moghul Empire at the death of Akbar, A.D. 1605.
LXXXIVIndia in 1792. India in 1845. Burma showing British Acquisitions, 1826-1890.
LXXXVEuropean explorations and colonies from the fifteenth to the seventeeth century
LXXXVIEuropean colonies and dependencies after the Peace of Utrecht (1713)
LXXXVIIEuropean colonies and dependencies, 1763
LXXXVIIIThe United States after the Treaty of Paris, 1783. The French Proposals of 1792 according to Jay. The Two Lines of Frontier agreed to in Oct. & Nov. 1782 respectively by Mr. Oswald. The Boundary established by the Treaty of Washington, Aug. 9, 1842.
LXXXIXEuropean colonies and dependencies, and states independent of European powers, 1815-1897
XCSouth Africa previous to the Suppression of the Boer Republics.

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