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Scripture Lands .. and .. Complete Biblical Atlas
by John Kitto

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0025:0000title page6497x29704486$2
0025:0001The World shewing the Primitive Settlements of the Descendants of Noah13330x47663151$5
0025:0002Mesopotamia including "The East". Illustrative of the History of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob13694x47763146$5
0025:0003Land of Canaan. Adapted to the Histories of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob13589x31224821$5
0025:0004Journeyings & Encampments of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan14321x47713156$5
0025:0005Canaan or the Land of Promise. Illustrating the Books of Joshua & Judges14446x32214941$5
0025:0006General Map of the Tribes12335x31884881$5
0025:0007Tribes of Asher and Naphtali13193x31484715$5
0025:0008Tribe of Zebulon14266x48113121$5
0025:0009Tribes of Issachar & Manasseh13792x47463131$5
0025:0010Tribe of Ephraim13535x47863151$5
0025:0011Tribes of Benjamin and Dan13778x47913106$5
0025:0012Tribes of Judah & Simeon14353x48613181$5
0025:0013The Half Tribe of Manasseh beyond Jordan14455x32214875$5
0025:0014Tribes of Gad & Reuben14726x32084874$5
0025:0015Land of Moriah or Environs of Jerusalem12160x31224821$5
0025:0016Plan of the City of Jerusalem12234x48363136$5
0025:0017Plan of the Temple with its Courts. Plan of the Temple on an enlarged scale11411x48853201$5
0025:0018Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Illustrative of the Books of Kings & Chronicles10141x31274854$5
0025:0019Kingdom of David and Solomon10814x31354834$5
0025:0020Canaan shewing the Captivities of Judah & Israel10473x31154808$5
0025:0021Judea according to Josephus11157x32014921$5
0025:0022Judea according to the Apocryphal Books11317x31944855$5
0025:0023Judea or Palestine. Illustrating the History of the New Testament and exhibiting the Travels of the Lord Jesus Christ13417x31544854$5
0025:0024Voyages and Travels of St. Paul13723x47653056$5

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