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Index no. 0025

Kitto's Scripture Lands .. and .. Complete Biblical Atlas


This page links to scans of the maps from "Scripture Lands; described in a series of Historical, Geographical, and Topographical Sketches. and illustrated by a Complete Biblical Atlas", by John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A., published in 1850 by Henry G. Bohn in London, and printed by Harrison and son in London. The maps are by T. Starling.

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Plate no.Plate title
t.p.title page
1The World shewing the Primitive Settlements of the Descendants of Noah
2Mesopotamia including "The East". Illustrative of the History of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
3Land of Canaan. Adapted to the Histories of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob
4Journeyings & Encampments of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan
5Canaan or the Land of Promise. Illustrating the Books of Joshua & Judges
6General Map of the Tribes
7Tribes of Asher and Naphtali
8Tribe of Zebulon
9Tribes of Issachar & Manasseh
10Tribe of Ephraim
11Tribes of Benjamin and Dan
12Tribes of Judah & Simeon
13The Half Tribe of Manasseh beyond Jordan
14Tribes of Gad & Reuben
15Land of Moriah or Environs of Jerusalem
16Plan of the City of Jerusalem
17Plan of the Temple with its Courts. Plan of the Temple on an enlarged scale
18Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. Illustrative of the Books of Kings & Chronicles
19Kingdom of David and Solomon
20Canaan shewing the Captivities of Judah & Israel
21Judea according to Josephus
22Judea according to the Apocryphal Books
23Judea or Palestine. Illustrating the History of the New Testament and exhibiting the Travels of the Lord Jesus Christ
24Voyages and Travels of St. Paul

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