Maps of Yamdrok Tso, also know as Lake Palte, Lake Paltee, etc.

Lake Yamdrok Tso is in south-eastern Tibet, about 50 miles north of the Bhutan border, and south of Lhasa. This page shows maps of Lake Yamdrok Tso printed at various dates.

You can click on any of the maps to see a larger and more detailed version. The versions on this page are all at approximately the same scale.

It is likely that the lake really is changing shape and getting smaller – it is being drained by a Chinese hydro-electric scheme. The Yamdrok Tso Hydroelectric Project started to empty it in 1997.

1871 Johnston's Royal Atlas

1873 S.D.U.K. Atlas

1884 Lett's Atlas

1887 Andree's Atlas

1888 Black's Atlas

1893 Cassell's Atlas (derived from Andree's)

1903 Encyclopedia Britannica Atlas

1957 Times Atlas

1972 Times Atlas

2005 Google Earth
(colours changed to make the
shape of the lake clearer)


Other pages showing how maps have changed due to more accurate information.