The Belcher Islands

The Belcher Islands are in Hudson's Bay. They form part of Nunavut, though they are closer to Quebec than to most of Nunavut. This page shows how they have been represented in atlases at various dates.

You can click on any of the maps to see a larger and more detailed version. The versions on this page are all at approximately the same scale.

Though they are shown as specks on maps from the nineteenth century, the Belcher Islands were only "discovered" in 1914, by Robert Flaherty, using a map drawn by George Weetaltuk.

1873 S.D.U.K. Atlas

1903 Encyclopedia Britannica Atlas

1957 Times Atlas

1893 Cassell's Atlas (derived from Andree's)

1920 Times Atlas

2005 Google Earth

1906 "Dominion of Canada 3" map in slip case


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