Maps enhanced for use in browsers

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"Maps & Graphics" of Atlanta, GA An Outline World Map with Automatic Colouring of Countries Create your own map of the world, with the countries coloured in as you specify.
Historischer Atlas von Sachsen, 1816 Saxony at 15 different dates Uses shaded alpha-transparent overlays. Now works with Internet Explorer as well as with Mozilla.
F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1905 Württemberg 1495-1810 Shows the growth of Württemberg. Small and simple. Done as a test of concept.
Nordwestdeutschland 1789 The states of north-west Germany in 1905, overlaid on a map showing the region in 1789
A History of Japan, Murdoch and Yamagata, 1905 Map of Japan in Provinces in time of Iyeyasu Automatic navigation – hover over a province name to find the province
Feudal Japan 1564-1573 Automatic navigation – hover over a daimyo's name to find his holding
Feudal Japan 1573-1583
Feudal Japan before Sekigahara