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Kriegsgeschichtlicher Atlas
by Fritz Schirmer

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0053:0000Title page3744x590825597$3
0053:00011792 campaign7822x583751904$6
0053:00021793 campaign7816x601756579$6
0053:00031794 campaign7839x583955712$6
0053:00041795 campaign7785x582461408$6
0053:00051796 campaign in Italy7854x583265777$6
0053:0006The four attempted reliefs by the Austrians in Italy7830x583960712$6
0053:00071796 campaign in Germany7807x577258472$6
0053:00081797 campaign7854x581654567$6
0053:0009Campaign in Egypt and Syria, 1798/997915x578650968$6
0053:00101799 campaign; Suworow's crossing of the Alps7892x603659749$6
0053:00111800 Spring campaign in Germany and Italy.6011x788156563$6
0053:0012Autumn campaign, 1800; the battle of Hohenlinden7822x589452211$6
0053:0013The campaign in Germany, 1805 (Ulm)7777x580952363$6
0053:0014The campaign, 1805; the Battle of Austerlitz7769x589455208$6
0053:0015Campaign in Germany, 1806; the situation of the french before the war7822x605158440$6
0053:0016Campaign in Prussia, 18077877x596360169$6
0053:0017The Franco-Spanish war, 1807-18147786x584459469$6
0053:0018Camnpaign, 18097808x585555320$6
0053:0019The Battle of Aspern. The Battle of Wagram.5841x797158308$6
0053:00201809 campaign between Austria and Russia7778x583655456$6
0053:0021Campaign in Russia, 1812; The Battle of Berezina7816x580158178$6
0053:0022The Spring campaign of 1813; the Battle of L├╝tzen; the Battle of Bautzen7778x577355854$6
0053:0023The Autumn campaign of 1813 in Germany; the Battle of Leipzig7958x583760819$6
0053:0024The Autumn campaign in Austria and Italy, 18135940x795159273$6
0053:00251814 campaign7829x608961859$6
0053:00261815 campaign7800x588658178$6
0053:0027Campaign against Naples and Piedmont in 18217865x582355977$6
0053:00281828 campaign in European Turkey7923x592353634$6
0053:00291829 campaign in European Turkey7771x598056739$6
0053:0030The Russian-Polish campaign in 18317750x588757800$6
0053:00311848 campaign in Italy7800x580958050$6
0053:00321849 campaign in Italy7830x580856780$6
0053:00331849 campaign in Hungary8072x605863545$6
0053:0034The Crimean War, 1853-56, in Europe and Asia7931x595559841$6
0053:00351859 campaign in Italy7862x584058622$6
0053:0036The American Civil War, 1861-65; plan of the operations in Virginia 1861-63.7907x593260436$6
0053:00371864 campaign in Denmark7943x590159529$6
0053:0038The Austro-Prussian War, 18665881x788157674$6
0053:0039Plan of the events of June 26-30 1866; Campaign in Bohemia 18665911x788159542$6
0053:0040The Austro-Prussian War, 1866, part 27829x591655859$6
0053:0041Campaign in western Germany, 18667828x592255504$6
0053:0042The campaign in Italy, in the Tyrol and on the Adriatic, 1866; the Battle of Custoza; the Battle of Lissa7792x586258887$6
0053:0043Campaign in Italy and in the Tyrol, part 2.7815x596358922$6
0053:0044Defeat of the 1869 uprising.7838x591756440$6
0053:0045The campaign of 1870-71; plan of the fight on August 14th, 16th and 18th 1870; The Battle of Sedan7878x593663363$6
0053:0046Campaign of 1870-71, part 27823x586360151$6
0053:0047The Russo-Turkish War, 1877-787869x580158193$6
0053:0048The Russo-Turkish War, 1877-78, part 27938x588655427$6
0053:0049The occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 18787778x581553179$6
0053:0050The Serbo-Bulgarian war, 18857800x579355043$6
0053:0051The Sino-Japanese war, 1894-957862x582453297$6
0053:0052The Greco-Turkish war of 1897.7822x580853132$6
0053:0053The Spanish-American war of 1898; the theatre of war in the Philippines7792x577256521$6
0053:0054The campaign of the English against the Boers in South Africa; overview plan of the Englis operations7870x592956775$6
0053:0055The Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5; the route of the Second Squadron of the Pacific Ocean Fleet, called the Baltic squadron.7869x576253752$6
0053:0056The Russo-Japanese war of 1904-57892x585556702$6
0053:0057The Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5; schematic representation of the land-operations; the Battle of Mukden; operations on the Kwantung peninsula7808x583253198$6
0053:0058The Turco-Italian War of 1911-127839x587854498$6

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