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Historisch-Militairischen Atlas
by A. G. von Groʃs

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0051:0005Title page5079x817963565$4
0051:0010Theatre of war in the Netherlands, 1793-1794.9870x634789610$16
0051:0020Plan of the Battle of Neerwinden, 1793.5437x787461765$10
0051:0030The Battle of Kaiserslautern.7683x777384458$16
0051:0040The retreat of the French under General Moreau.9800x553273543$12
0051:0050The theatre of war in Italy, 1796 onwards.8034x536667756$10
0051:0061The Battle of Marengo. I.Plate VI. is a single plate with a small printed flap pasted directly on to it. According to how it is folded, the state of the battlefield at different times is seen. These two different foldings of the flap are presented here as two different plates.9500x495968956$16
0051:0062The Battle of Marengo. II.See note above.11620x501388324$16
0051:0071... and their operations at Aboukir and Cairo.Plate VII. A. follows Plate VII. B. in time.4926x433332495$8
0051:0072The landing of French and English troops in Egypt ...Plate VII. B. precedes Plate VII. A. in time.4877x454532637$8
0051:0080Landing of English troops in Noord-Holland in 1799.5474x721053489$10
0051:0090The march of the French army to Ulm, in 1805.7787x502152144$10
0051:0100The Battle of Austerlitz, 1805.7706x510859193$10
0051:0110The positions of the Prussian and French armies befoe and after the Battle of Jena.7820x529463622$10
0051:0120The Battle of Jena, 1806.7736x500460353$10
0051:0131The Battle of Auerstadt, 1806. I.Plate XIII. is a single plate with two small printed flaps pasted directly on to it, in the same place. According to how these are folded, the state of the battlefield at different times is seen. These three different foldings of the flaps are presented here as three different plates.7284x682763383$12
0051:0132The Battle of Auerstadt, 1806. II.See note above.7258x685169223$12
0051:0133The Battle of Auerstadt, 1806. III.See note above.7255x680764568$12
0051:0140The Battle of Eylau, 1807.6277x487145132$10
0051:0150The region of Eylau, and the marches of the armies after the battle.10000x8768122095$20
0051:0161The Battle of Friedland, 1807.7268x342931876$14
0051:0162The Battle of Friedland, 1807.7047x692469988$8
0051:0250(Pasted-on flaps from Plates VI. and XIII.)This is not a plate from the atlas. It is only here so that you can see what you will be buying if you pay for a high-resolution copy of the item. You might do this if you are also paying for one version of Plate VI, or of Plate XIII., or both; and want to use the small overlaid flaps that are pasted to these plates in the original atlas.5520x415634120$6

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