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Atlas de Filipinas
by P. José Algué

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0050:0001(ornamental Spanish title page)7088x876075895$6
0050:0002(plain U.S. title page)7226x876085396$4
0050:0003A general map of the Pacific.8536x696486593$12
0050:0004A political map of the Philippine Archipelago.7088x855690320$12
0050:0005An ethnographical map of the Philippine Archipelago.6922x842281713$12
0050:0006An orographical and vulcanographical map of the archipelago.6956x861184933$12
0050:0007A map of the Philippine Archipelago showing the meteorological districts and stations.6889x854582480$12
0050:0008A map of the Philippine Archipelago showing the distribution of earthquakes.6889x850085831$12
0050:0009The island of Luzon.6855x8633100075$12
0050:0010The island of Luzon.8554x703692577$12
0050:0011The island of Luzon.6955x863390742$12
0050:0012The island of Luzon.8545x696387825$12
0050:0013The island of Luzon.8536x697387862$12
0050:0014The island of Luzon and the island of Polillo.6956x845573975$12
0050:0015The islands of Batanes and Babuyanes.6901x855682498$12
0050:0016The island of Catanduanes.6922x857886813$12
0050:0017The island of Mindoro.6845x863384309$12
0050:0018The islands of Sibuyan, Romblon, and Tablas.6856x857883122$12
0050:0019The islands of Masbate and Ticao.8664x691886122$12
0050:0020The island of Samar.6967x870094104$12
0050:0021The island of Leyte.6967x857889373$12
0050:0022The island of Panay.8609x6982101535$12
0050:0023The island of Negros.6945x863391718$12
0050:0024The island of Cebu.7000x854490317$12
0050:0025The island of Bohol.8481x709091313$12
0050:0026The island of Paragua, or North Palawan.8518x700086140$12
0050:0027The island of Paragua, or South Palawan.8564x704084621$12
0050:0028The island of Mindanao, general map.8564x708792110$12
0050:0029The island of Mindanao, eastern part.6934x852388188$12
0050:0030The island of Mindanao, western part.8528x712787331$12
0050:0031The bay of Manila.7133x855594594$12
0050:0032The strait of S. Juanico.8380x704897526$12

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