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Hand-Atlas für die Geschichte des Mittelalters und die neueren Zeit
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0046:0001Europe at the time of Odoacer (476-493).
South-west Europe in 525
Europa No. I6601x551729940$12
0046:0002Europe towards the end of Justinian's reign (around 560).
The spread religions in the beginning of Justinian's reign
Europa No. II6601x547628077$12
0046:0003Europe in the time of CharlemagneEuropa No. III6584x550128209$12
0046:0004Europe at the time of the re-establishment of the Empire by Otto I. 962.Europa No. IV6634x552628694$12
0046:0005Europe at the time of the third crusade, 1190.Europa No. V6726x558428185$12
0046:0006Europe in the mid fourteenth centuryEuropa No. VI6660x556731583$12
0046:0007Europe after the Great SchismEuropa No. VII6684x554231438$12
0046:0008Europe during the period of the reformation and of the supremacy of the House of Habsburg, 1492-1618.Europa No. VIII6684x556729023$12
0046:0009Europe from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 to the division of the Spanish Monarchy in 1700 (period of French supremacy)Europa No. IX6643x556029155$12
0046:0010Europe in 1740.Europa No. X6543x564329258$12
0046:0011Europe in the time of Napoleon I (1810).
Plan of Moscow.
Europa No. X [sic]6624x556229024$12
0046:0012Europe after the Congress of Vienna, 1815.
The siege of Sevastopol.
Europa No. XII6684x555132062$12
0046:0013The ethnography of Europe in the mid 19th century.
Linguistic borders in Schleswig.
Linguistic borders in Belgium.
Linguistic borders the Alps.
Europa No. XIII6609x555131944$12
0046:0014The Iberian peninsula at the time of the Visigothic Kingdom, 531-711.
The first appearance of Germanic peoples in Spain, 411-420.
Kingdoms of the Suevi, Vandals and Visigoths 420-260.
Kingdoms of the Ostrogoths and Visigoths at the time of Theoderic the Great, 526.
Iberische Halbinsel No. I6710x551831080$12
0046:0015The Iberian peninsula from the arrival of the Arabs to the fall of the Ummayads, 711-1028.
The Iberian peninsula from the fall of the Ummayads to the battle of Zalacca (1086).
Iberische Halbinsel No. II6718x552630062$12
0046:0016The Iberian peninsula at the times of Almoravid and Almohad rule.Iberische Halbinsel No. III6676x553433214$12
0046:0017The Iberian peninsula from 1257 to the union of Castile and Aragon 1479, and to the fall of the Kingdom of Granada 1492.
The Kingdom of Granada.
Granada [city plan].
North border of Catalonia.
Iberische Halbinsel No. IV6735x562635779$12
0046:0018The ecclesiastical divisions of the Iberian peninsula in Moorish times.
The ecclesiastical divisions of the Iberian peninsula in Gothic times.
Iberische Halbinsel No. V6726x554333243$12
0046:0019The Iberian peninsula at the start of the 16th century.
Navarre and the Basque provinces.
The neighbourhood of Lisbon.
Iberische Halbinsel No. VI6726x555131071$12
0046:0020Spanish and Portuguese posessions in the 16th century.
Peru 1526-1548.
Mexico at the time of Cortes.
Neighbourhood of Mexico City at the time of Cortes.
Possessions of the House of Habsburg in Europe around the mid 16th century.
India around 1520.
Iberische Halbinsel No. VII6676x550131187$12
0046:0021Italy at the time of the Lombard kingdom.
Roman Tuscany and Campania.
Bruttia and Calabria in 678.
Italy from the time of Charlemagne to the end of the ninth century.
The Duchy of Trent.
The provinces of Italy.
The origins of the Papal States.
Italien No. I.6759x554229370$12
0046:0022Italy from the start of the tenth century to 1137.
The Marquessate of Susa around 1000.
The neighbourhood of Milan.
The neighbourhood of Rome.
The counties of Reggio, Modena and Lucca.
The Sabine region.
The territories of Matilda of Tuscany.
The Lateran buildings.
Southern Italy at the time of its conquest by the Normans.
Italien No. II.6734x557630858$12
0046:0023Italy, 1137-1302.
Central Italy, maps 1 & 2.
Campania, Maritima, and the Terra St. Benedict.
Italien No. III.6776x553430900$12
0046:0024Central northern Italy, 1137-1302.
The northern part of Piacenza.
Crema & the southern part of Milan.
Italien No. IV.6701x554233160$12
0046:0025Italy, 1302-1339.
Italy, 1339-1406.
Italy 1406-1492.
Naples and its environs.
Italien No. V.6809x557635987$12
0046:0026The ecclesiastical divisions of Italy from the end of the eleventh century until 1500.
The bishoprics of the northern part of southern Italy.
The bishoprics of central Italy.
The seven basilicas of Rome.
Italien No. VI.6776x557630325$12
0046:0027Italy from 1492 to the Treaty of Campoformio, 1797.
Northern Italy, 1748-1797.
The principalities of the lower Po.
The lagoons of Venice.
The field of the Battle of Pavia, Feb. 25th 1525.
The environs of Genoa.
La Valetta, on Malta.
Italien No. VII.6776x554331892$12
0046:0028Italy, 1798-1870.
Battle of Marengo 14 June 1800.
Italy 1806.
Italy 1810.
Lombardy 1848-1866.
Italy 1815-1860.
Italy 1861-1866.
Battle of Novara 23 March 1849.
Battle of Magenta 3 June 1859.
Italy 1866-1870.
Battle of Solferino 24 Juni 1859.
Italien No. VIII.6726x558434607$12
0046:0029The Frankish kingdom under the Merovingians up to the time of Charlemagne 486-768.
The district of Tours.
The district of Poitiers.
The district of Paris, Senlis, Soissons, Chambly & Meaux.
The district of Clermont.
The Frankish kingdom after the death of Clovis, 511.
The Frankish kingdom after the death of Clothar, 561.
The Frankish kingdom after the Pact of Andelot, 587.
The Frankish kingdom after the partition of 625 [623?].
Merowinger Karolinger No. I6759x560132033$12
0046:0030The Frankish kingdom under Charlemagne and his descendants, to 900.
The battlefield of Fontenay, 25 June 841.
The divisions of Burgundy, showing the borders of 843 and of 870.
The neighbourhood of Paris.
The Frankish kingdom after the death of king Pepin the short, 768.
The Frankish kingdom, 843.
The Frankish kingdom, 870.
Merowinger Karolinger No. I6776x561031945$12
0046:0031The regions of Germany. I. Northern Lorraine, Friesland.
Holstein, the Saxon frontier.
Deutschland No. I6718x550928450$12
0046:0032The regions of Germany. II. Central Lorraine.
The regions of the diocese of Verdun.
Deutschland No. II6693x558431191$12
0046:0033The regions of Germany. III. Saxony, northern Thuringia.Deutschland No. III6692x558433436$12
0046:0034The regions of Germany. IV. Southern Thuringia, Franconia.Deutschland No. IV6935x572635542$12
0046:0035The regions of Germany. V. Swabia.
The southwestern regions of Lorraine.
Deutschland No. V6667x557633381$12
0046:0036The regions of Germany. VI. Bavaria, Austria, Karinthia.Deutschland No. VI7201x575138853$12
0046:0037Cermany from the start of the tenth century to 1137.Deutschland No. VII6718x558432848$12
0046:0038Germany at the time of the Hohenstaufens, to 1273.Deutschland No. VIII6818x576031988$12
0046:0039Northern Germany: Freisland, Saxony, Lorraine, Hesse, Thuringia etc. at the start of the 13th century.
The mouth of the Ems where it flows into the Dollart, 1277 und 1278.
Cologne in 1250.
Deutschland No. IX6809x566832402$12
0046:0040Southern Germany: Franconia, Southern Lorraine, Burgundy, Swabia etc. at the start of the 13th century.
The ancestral lands of the Hohenstaufens.
The ancestral Habsburg lands.
Deutschland No. X6776x573433708$12
0046:0041Germany from Rudolph of Habsburg to Maximilian I. 1273 bis 1492.
The kingdom of Charles the Bold.
The battle of Grandson, 2. March 1476.
The battle of Murten, 22 June 1476.
The battle of Nancy, 5 January 1477.
The battle of Göllheim, 2 July 1298.
The battle on the Marchfeld (Battle of Dürnkrut and Jedenspeigen), 26. Aug. 1278.
The battle of Mühldorf, 28 September 1322.
Germany in 1376.
Deutschland No. XI6768x568434106$12
0046:0042The ecclesiastical divisions of Germany from the mid 11th century to the Reformation.
The ecclesiastical divisions of Germany, 840.
The ecclesiastical divisions of Germany, 752.
The ecclesiastical divisions of Germany, 1000.
Deutschland No. XII6709x557632350$12
0046:0043Germany at the time of the Reformation, 1492-1618.
The siege of Antwerp, 1584-85.
The territories of the Imperial Free Cith of Nuremberg in 1500.
The Saxon lands after the battle of Mühlberg, 24 April 1547.
The German Empire after its division into ten "Circles" in 1512.
Deutschland No. XIII6684x557636515$12
0046:0044Germany at the time of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648.
The Rhine Valley from Breisach to Coblenz, 1618-1648..
Breitenfeld, 2 Nov. 1642.
Freiburg, 4, 5, 7 Aug. 1644.
Jankau, 6 March 1645.
The White Mountain and Prague, 8 November 1620.
Wimpfen, 6 May 1622.
Magdeburg, 1630 & 1631.
Breitenfeld, 7. Sept. 1631.
Lützen, 6. November 1632.
Nördlingen, 6. Sept. 1634.
Wittstock, 24. Sept. 1636.
Thuringia at the start of the 17th century.
Deutschland No. XIV6651x555936845$12
0046:0045Germany from the Peace of Westphalia to 1742.
The Palatinate and middle Rhine at the time of the French invasions, 1674 and 1689/90
Strassburg in 1681.
The battle of Fehrbellin, 18 Juni 1675.
Berlin in 1650.
Vienna, 1683
The neighbourhood of Vienna in July & September 1683
The territories of the Saxon Duchies.
Deutschland No. XV6709x556034089$12
0046:0046Germany at the time of Frederick the Great, up to the German Mediatisation, 1742 to 1803.
Austria, the Netherlands, the Electoral Palatinate, and the three Electoral Archbishoprics Mainz, Trier & Cologne in 1789.
Mittelmark, Silesia, Electoral Saxony and northern Bohemia in the time of Frederick the Great.
Mollwitz, 10 April 1741.
Czaslau, 17 Mai 1742.
Schwiednitz, 1758, 1761 & 1762.
Torgau, 3 Nov. 1760.
Hohenfriedberg, 4 June 1745.
Soor, 30 Sept. 1745.
Kesselsdorf, 15 Dec 1745.
Pirna, 15 Oct. 1756.
Lobositz, 1 Oct. 1756.
Prague, May 1757.
Kollin, 18 June 1757.
Jägersdorf, 30 August 1757.
Rossbach, 5 Nov. 1757.
Leuthen, 5 Dec. 1757.
Zorndorf, 25 Aug. 1758.
Hochkirch, 14 Oct. 1758.
Kunersdorf, 12 Aug. 1759.
Maxen, 20 Nov. 1759.
Liegnitz, 15 Aug. 1759.
Deutschland No. XVI6776x560137883$12
0046:0047South-west Germany with Alsace and eastern Lorraine at the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.Deutschland No. XVII6810x568536708$12
0046:0048Germany from the end of 1807 to 1815.
Germany after the mediatisation, 1803.
The neighbourhood of Ulm.
Germany after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire, 6ten Aug. 1806.
The Saal Valley, October 1806.
Ligny, 16 June 1815.
Waterloo, 18 June 1815.
Austerlitz, 2 Dec. 1805.
German acquisitions by the second Peace of Paris, 1815.
Auerstädt, 14 Oct. 1806.
Jena, 14 Oct. 1806.
Eylau, 7 & 8 Febr. 1807.
Friedland, 14 June 1807.
Eggmühl, 22 April 1809.
Essling, 21 & 22 May 1809.
Wagram, 5 & 6 July 1809.
Leipzig, 16 & 18 Oct. 1813.
Positions of the armies, 18ten October.
Deutschland No. XVIII6718x559335192$12
0046:0049Germany at the time of the German Federation, 1815 to 1866.
Battle of Dybbøl, 18 April; battle of Als, 29 June 1864.
The Danish lines of defence between Hollingstedt and Eckenförde; with eastern continuation.
Schleswig Holstein, 1864.
The theatre of war in Bohemia, 1866.
The military organization of the German federation.
The Zollverein up to 1833.
The Zollverein up to 1841.
The Zollverein since 1841.
The battle of Königgrätz, 3. Juli 1866.
Deutschland No. XIX6751x558433088$12
0046:0050Germany 1866-1871, from the formation of the North German League at the Peace of Prague, 23 August 1866, to the establishment of the German Reich at Versailles, 18 January 1871 and the Peace of Frankfurt, a.m. 10 May 1871.
The expansion of the extent of civil rights in Germany, 1870.
The eastern theatre of war, and the Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine.
The battle of Wissembourg, 4 Aug., and the battle of Wörth [Reichshoffen, Fröschwiller], 6 Aug., 1870.
The battle of Sedan, 1 Sept. 1870.
Fall of Metz, 27. Oct 1870.
The battlefields around Metz, Aug. & Sept. 1870.
Strassburg fell, 28 Sept. 1870.
The conditions of the churches in Germany, 1870.
Deutschland No. XX6809x567636080$12
0046:0051France from the start of the tenth century to 1180.
Normandy and neighbouring provinces.
Paris at the start of the twelfth century.
Gaul, after Richer.
North-eastern France.
Tarascon-sur-Rhône & neighbourhood.
Frankreich No. I6676x556736356$12
0046:0052France, 1180-1461.
Aquitaine, Gascony and Languedoc.
France after the Treaty of Brétigny, 1360.
The battle of Bouvines, 27 Juli 1214.
The battle of Crécy, 26 Aug. 1346.
The battle of Poitiers, 19 Sept. 1356.
The battle of Agincourt, 25 Oct. 1415.
The neighbourhood of Paris.
Frankreich No. II6717x561032925$12
0046:0053The ecclesiastical divisions of France up to 1322.
The ecclesiastical divisions of France from 1322 to the Revolution.
Frankreich No. III6701x562629559$12
0046:0054France, 1461-1610.
Paris at the end of the 16th century.
The counties of Guînes & Oye [Calais], English until 1558 (reconquered lands)
Frankreich No. IV6651x555929634$12
0046:0055France from 1610 to 1790.
The environs of Paris.
Paris at the end of the 18th century.
Frankreich No. V6776x558437019$12
0046:0056The French Empire at its greatest extent under Napoleon I.
The Vendée.
Frankreich No. VI6693x557629180$12
0046:0057The theatre of the battle of Sedan, 1 Sept. 1870, to the Peace of Frankfurt, 10 March 1871.
France, 1815 to 1871.
Paris and its neighbourhood.
French acquisitions in further India 1862 u. 1867.
Algeria since 1830.
Overview of the French colonies in the mid 19th century.
Frankreich No. VII6668x554233566$12
0046:0058The British Isles to the time of William the Conqueror, 1066.
The region of the Firth of Forth.
Britische Inseln No. I6701x554329467$12
0046:0059The British Isles, 1066 to 1485, from William the Conqueror to the accession of the house of Tudor.
The lower Thames.
London in the middle ages.
The British Isles and English possessions in France under Henry II, 1154-1189.
The British Isles after 1172.
The British Isles after 1282.
The county of Orkney.
The battle of Bannockburn, 24 Juni 1314.
Britische Inseln No. II6693x554332610$12
0046:0060Ecclesiastical divisions of the British Isles from the start of the 12th century to the Reformation.
Ecclesiastical divisions of the British Isles in Anglo-Saxon times.
Ecclesiastical divisions of England since 1543.
Britische Inseln No. III6668x555927575$12
0046:0061The British Isles from 1485 to 1830.
The Anglo-Scottish border districts.
The Shetland and Orkney Isles.
The Channel Isles.
Britische Inseln No. IV6710x555928708$12
0046:0062British possessions since 1783, showing their dates of acquisition.
British possessions in North America, to 1783.
Quebec, British 1759.
Gibraltar. British 1704.
Capetown, British 1806.
Heligoland, british 1808.
Mahon [on Minorca], British 1708 to 1782.
St. Helena, British 1650.
Aden, British 1838.
Malta, British 1800.
Hong Kong, British 1842.
India in the year 1760.
Britische acquisitions.
Britische Inseln No. V6676x552632050$12
0046:0063Countries and journeys of the Norsemen from the eighth to the twelfth centuries.
The eastern settlement [on Greenland].
Faeroes, Shetlands and Orkneys.
Skandinavien No. I6685x557623687$12
0046:0064Scandinavia up to the Union of Kalmar, 1397.
Svealand and Götaland.
The neighbourhood of Trondheim.
Skandinavien No. II6776x558431699$12
0046:0065Ecclesiastical divisions of Scandinavia from the 12th century to the Reformation.
The archbishopric of Hamburg-Bremen with its suffragans towards the end of the 11th century.
Danish bishoprics since the 12th century.
Swedish bishoprics since the 12th century.
Skandinavien No. II6734x560126102$12
0046:0066Scandinavia since the Union of Kalmar, 1397.
Scandinavia in 1397.
Scandinavia in 1520.
Scandinavien after the Peace of Westphalia, 1648.
Scandinavien after the peace treaties of Roskilde & Cardis, 1658 & 1660.
Scandinavia 1721-1808.
Scandinavia 1815-1864.
The Danish islands
Stockholm in 1500.
The neighbourhood of Stockholm.
Skandinavien No. IV6735x559331657$12
0046:0067Russia from the defeat of the Pechenegs by the Cumans and the expansion of the Republic of Novgorod to the north-east, around 1114, to the destruction of Kiev by the Mongols in 1240.
Russia in the years 900 to 966.
Russia in the years 966 to 1114.
The neighbourhood of Kiev.
Estonia, Livonia and Courland at the time of the Knights of the Sword, 1201-1237.
The Dnieper Rapids.
Slavs north of the Danube, 850 bis 900.
Kiev & the Kiev Cave Monastery [Kiev Pechersk Lavra].
Slawische Reiche No. I6693x557629146$12
0046:0068Russia from the transfer of the Great Principalities to Moscow in 1328 and the establishment of the Great Principality of Lithuania, to the destruction of the Golden Horde, 1480.
Russia from the destruction of Kiev by Batu Khan, 1240, to the absorption of the Great Principalities by Moscow.
The ecclesiastical divisions of Russia up to the 16th century.
The ecclesiastical divisions of Estonia, Livonia and Courland in the middle ages.
Estonia, Livonia and Courland from the Peace of Stenby, 1328, to the sale of parts of Estonia by Denmark to the Teutonic Knights, 1346.
Estonia, Livonia and Courland in the years 1346 to 1480.
Slawische Reiche No. II6735x558532990$12
0046:0069Poland, Lithuania, and the territories of the Germanic Orders in the years 1386-1480.
Poland and neighbouring lands, 963 to 992.
Poland under Boleslaw the Brave, and to 1139.
Poland and Prussia, 1140-1240.
Poland and Prussia, 1240-1386.
Prussia under the rule of the Teutonic Knights.
The dioceses of Gniezno & Riga in the 13th century.
The dioceses of Gniezno, Riga & Lemberg in the 15th century.
Oswiecim & Zator.
The district of Zips.
Slawische Reiche No. III6742x557631910$12
0046:0070Russia, Poland and Lithuania from the fall of the Free State of Novgorod, 1478, and the dissolution of the Golden Horde, 1480, to Peter the Great, 1689.
Estonia, Livonia and Courland, 1480 to 1682.
The Kremlin.
Poland and Lithuania after the Union of Lublin, 1569, and the extinction of the Jagiellons, 1572.
Moscow-Lithuania border district.
Russian conquests in Siberia, 16th and 17th centuries.
Slawische Reiche No. IV6692x559330171$12
0046:0071Poland from the start of the 18th century to the fall of the Republic in 1795.
Poland before the Treaty of Andrusovo, 1667.
Poland after the first partition, 1772.
Poland after the second partition, 1793.
Poland after the third partition, 1795.
The Duchy of Warsaw, 1808.
The Duchy of Warsaw, 1810.
Slawische Reiche No. V6718x566030667$12
0046:0072Russia since the time of Peter the Great.
Siberia and Russian America.
St. Petersburg, 1705.
St. Petersburg, 1736.
St. Petersburg, 1840.
The environs of St. Petersburg.
The conquest of Kiliya, 11/22 December 1790.
The neighbourhood of Warsaw.
The taking of Erzerum, 25 June 1829.
The siege of Kars, 19 to 23 June 1828.
Slawische Reiche No. VI6743x557632147$12
0046:0073Hungary and neighbouring lands from the start of the 13th century to the Battle of Mohacs in 1526.
The Battle of Mohi, 1241.
The Battle of Varna, 1444.
The Battle of Mohács, 1526.
Hungary up the the subjection of the Croatians around 1100.
Pannonia at the time of Svatopluk [who died in] 895.
Hungary in the 12th century.
Ungarn No. I6718x557636724$12
0046:0074The ecclesiastical divisions of Hungary from the start of the 14th century until the Reformation.
The border district of [the dioceses] of Zagreb and Krbava [Udbina].
The diocese of Zadar [Zara].
The dioceses of Hungary from St. Stephen I to St. Ladislaus I.
Ecclesiastical divisions of Pannonia up to 884.
Ecclesiastical divisions of Pannonia in the tenth century.
The dioceses of Hungary at the start of the 13th century.
Ungarn No. II6717x557633841$12
0046:0075Hungary since the Battle of Mohacs, 1526.
Hungary's bishoprics since the changes under Maria Theresa.
Hungary at the time of Turkish overlordship.
The northern border districts with Turkey in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Hungary after the Treaty of Passarowitz, 1718.
Hungary, 1848, 1849.
The battle of Isaszeg, 6 April 1849.
The battle of Kápolna, 27 Feb. 1849.
Backa [and] Banat, 1848, 1849.
The country between Pressburg [Pozsony, Bratislava] & Debreczin, 1848, 1849.
Ungarn No. III6684x557633856$12
0046:0076The Eastern Roman Empire in the time of Justinian.
Carthage, Iustiniana [?].
(Western continuation of main map.)
Neighbourhood of Naples.
Orient No. I6693x551730508$12
0046:0077The Eastern Roman Empire and western Asia from the time of Justinian I to the fall of the Sassanid Empire, 642.
Ghassanid places in the Roman province of Arabia.
Orient No. II6918x570129998$12
0046:0078The lands of Islam from the Hijra, 622 a.d., to n. Ch. to the fall of the Umayyads, 750 a.d.
(Westward continuation of main map.)
Yathrib, Medîna.
Orient No. III6659x560930010$12
0046:0079The Eastern Roman Empire from the arrival of the Hungarians in Pannonia about 895, to the subjection of the Bulgars by the emperor Basil II in 1019.
The Eastern Roman Empire from the arrival of the Bulgars about 679 to 895.
The themes of the Sea of Marmara.
Orient No. IV6659x552631740$12
0046:0080The Patriarchates of Constantinople, Antioch, and Jerusalem in the second half of the 11th century.
The Dioceses of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in Russia.
The Patriarchates of Rome &. Constantinople, 334 a.d.
Eccleseiastical divisions of the Eastern Roman Empire after the reorganisations of Justinian.
The Holy Land at the time of the Crusades.
Cyprus in the yeare 1260.
The Latin church in the East at the time of the Crusades.
The Greek church, western part, about 1320.
The monastery on Mount Athos.
Orient No. V6693x555930668$12
0046:0081The lands of Islam under the Abbasids up to the taking of Baghdad by the Buyids, 750 to 945 a.d.
Northern Iraq.
(Western continuation of the main map.)
Orient No. VI6759x558430732$12
0046:0082The lands of Islam to the time of the Buyids, 945-1055.
Southern Arabia.
(Western continuation of the main map.)
The Ghaznavid Empire about 1002/3.
The Eastern Roman Empire about 1002/3.
Orient No. VII6701x551730649$12
0046:0083The lands of Islam at the time of the Seljuks, 1055-1163.
Southern Arabia.
The neighbourhood of Edessa.
(Western continuation of the main map.)
The lands of Islam, 1163-1204.
Orient No. VIII6759x553433438$12
0046:0084The Eastern Roman Empire, 1096-1204.
The Eastern ROman Empire, 1081 to 1096.
The Bosphorus.
Antioch conquered on 3 July 1098.
Orient No. IX6651x550130565$12
0046:0085Syria at the time of the Crusades.
The Holy Land.
The kingdom of Imad ad-Din Atabeg Zengi (1128-46) and Nur ad-Din (1146-73).
The kingdom of Saladin [who died in] (1193) in Syria und Mesopotamia.
The neighbourhood of Damascus.
Saladin's overlordship in Egypt and Arabia.
The neighbourhood of Acre.
The neighbourhood of Jerusalem.
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0046:0086Latin lordships in the East, 1210 to 1311.
Achaia, Athens, Salona, Boudonitza, Euboea.
The neighbourhood of Constantinople.
The projected Latin partition of 1204.
The kingdom of Jerusalem after the peace of 1229.
The Latins in Syria after the death of Sultan Baibars, 1271.
Venetian villages in Tyre.
Orient No. XI6610x545130939$12
0046:0087The Kingdoms of Khwarezm, [and] of the Ghurids, 1204-1226.
The Empire of the Mongols under Genghis Khan (1167/8-1227) and his successors, 1226-1268.
The Empire of the Mongols under Kublai Khan (1260-1294) and his successors, 1262-1342.
The successors of the Ilkhanate, 1342-1394.
The empire of Timur, 1394-1405.
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0046:0088Lands on the Aegean and Black Seas, 1311 to 1390.
The kingdom of Stefan Dušan, about 1346.
Territory of the Goths in the Crimea.
Orient No. XIII6701x555130108$12
0046:0089The Ottoman Empire and adjacent countries, 1391 to 1452.
The region of the Albanian Insurrection, 1444.
The Peloponnese.
The Bosphorus.
Orient No. XIV6626x547630696$12
0046:0090The Ottoman Empire and its protectorates in the 17th century.
Ottoman vassal states in North-west Africa.
Ottoman vassal states in Arabia.
Orient No. XV6718x557628127$12

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