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Victoria Regina Atlas
by W. & A.K.Johnston

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0042:0000title page5561x723128575$2
0042:0094Lower Bengal7217x550934670$6
0042:0095North-West Provinces. Oudh & Nepal.5591x726134602$6
0042:0096Punjab (east) and Kashmir.5520x729034524$6
0042:0097Punjab (west) British Baluchistan and N.-W. Frontier.5591x724032217$6
0042:0098Rajputana & Ajmere-Merwara.7229x546430669$6
0042:0099Central India.7274x558233836$6
0042:0100Central Provinces.7226x550034065$6
0042:0101Haiderabad and Berar.7292x555132701$6
0042:0102Bombay (north) and Baroda.5661x725131599$6
0042:0103Bombay (south).5661x725032576$6
0042:0104Madras (south) Mysore and Coorg.5580x728132975$6
0042:0105Madras (north) Sth. Orissa & Ceylon.5650x728031602$6
0042:0106British Burma (north) Assam, and Manipur.5570x723134194$6
0042:0107British Burma (south) Andaman and Nicobar Islds.5610x723133034$6
0042:0108Calcutta and environs. Aden. Perim. Madras and environs. Bombay island & town.5561x725134841$6

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