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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0041:0000[title page] 4766x677616218$2
0041:0001["index" page]4721x588115548$2
0041:0002[contents page]4181x515113262$2
0041:0005The World on Mercator's ProjectionNew World5531x646130807$4
0041:0010The World on Mercator's ProjectionOld World5420x645130515$4
0041:0020The World on Mercator's ProjectionIndex map to other maps10433x665652984$2
0041:0030The World as known to the Ancients. Sheet I.Europe and north Africa.5350x642128808$4
0041:0040The World as known to the Ancients. Sheet II.Asia5411x650129209$4
0041:0052EuropeIndex map to maps of Europe6591x542029391$2
0041:0060The British Isles5531x646135106$4
0041:0070Geological Map of England and Wales (with all the railways).by Sir R. Murchison5210x644131849$4
0041:0080England and Walesnorth eastern part6516x530928000$4
0041:0090England and Walesnorth western part6529x537430215$4
0041:0100England and Waleseast central part6418x531839432$4
0041:0110England and Waleswest central part6508x531637853$4
0041:0120England and Walessouth eastern part6533x534232016$4
0041:0130England and Walessouth western part6536x535532650$4
0041:0140Scotland Isouthern6345x480930490$4
0041:0150Scotland IInorthern mainland6667x548337481$4
0041:0160Scotland IIIHebrides, Orkneys and Shetlands5400x632127581$4
0041:0170Irelandnorthern half. With a list of round towers7982x543744044$6
0041:0180Irelandsouthern half.7731x549140295$4
0041:0190The Netherlands and Belgium5520x653132981$4
0041:0200France in Provinces5330x591131663$4
0041:0210France Inorth-west part5891x510027905$4
0041:0220France IIeastern part5070x527126579$4
0041:0230France IIIsouthern part6684x481735224$4
0041:0250Italyall Italy5460x648131161$4
0041:0260Italynorthern part6300x415027771$4
0041:0270Italycentral-southern part6582x456327812$4
0041:0280ItalyCalabria and Sicily6408x505826950$4
0041:0290Corsica and Sardinia. Balearic Islands. Valetta the capital of the island of Malta.6400x520028242$4
0041:0300Spain and Portugal in provinces.6125x477531603$4
0041:0310Germany, general map.6591x534236213$4
0041:0320Germany I. The Prussian provinces, Saxony &c.6517x550038119$4
0041:0330Germany II. Eastern part of the Prussian states.5370x662131852$4
0041:0340Germany III. Baden, W├╝rttemberg, Bavaria, Tyrol and Switzerland.5530x647141272$4
0041:0350Germany IV. Austrian dominions I. Bohemia, Moravia, Austria, Styria, Illyria, Croatia, Sclavonia and western Hungary.5150x649136124$4
0041:0360Austrians dominions II. Galicia, eastern Hungary and Transylvania.5370x651140506$4
0041:0370Austrians dominions III. Croatia, Sclavonia and Dalmatia.6627x481827985$4
0041:0380Sweden, Norway and Denmark.5410x662135556$4
0041:0390Russia in Europe.5420x649136659$4
0041:0400The Turkish Empire in Europe and Asia with the Kingdom of Greece.6692x546634162$4
0041:0420Ancient Palestine.5510x659131678$4
0041:0430Palestine with the Hauran and the adjacent districts.5610x659132913$4
0041:0440Arabia with Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia.6640x545033785$4
0041:0450Bokhara, Afghanistan, Beloochistan, &c.5500x658140150$4
0041:0460Western Siberia, Russian Turkestan, Khiva, Bokhara &c.5530x662134977$4
0041:0472India XIII. Index to large map in XII sheetsbut "large map" is not present5540x672130823$2
0041:0490Asiatic Archipelago.6660x542031291$4
0041:0500Islands in the Indian Ocean. 6537x537330008$4
0041:0510Empire of Japan. Nagasaki harbour. Eastern point of Yeso.5460x657129188$4
0041:0530Northern Africa or Barbary I. Marocco. Plan of the city of Marocco.6640x544033759$4
0041:0540Northern Africa or Barbary II. Algier.6491x528230819$4
0041:0550South Africa. Environs of the Cape. District of George. Environs of Graham-Town. Cape-Town.6710x543034687$4
0041:0560Islands in the Atlantic. 5550x672129893$4
0041:0570North America.5410x647134990$4
0041:0580British North America.shows travels of Franklin, Collinson, Rae and McClintock in the north-west passage.6718x543732881$4
0041:0590British Columbia. Vancouver Island &c.6600x543437586$4
0041:0600North America, sheet I. Dominion of Canada: Novia Scotia with part of New Brunswick and Quebec.5320x652132822$4
0041:0610North America, sheet II. The Dominion of Canada. Parts of Quebec and New Brunswick and the States of New-York, Vermont and Maine.6658x550934554$4
0041:0620North America, sheet III. The Dominion of Canada. Ontario with parts of New-York, Pennnsylvania and Michigan. 6910x531136064$4
0041:0630The United States of North America.6725x493336227$4
0041:0640North America, sheet XVI. The southern part of Mexico., also Belize, Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.the other 15 sheets are not present.6509x534230498$4
0041:0650The Antilles or West-India Islands.6575x530030864$4
0041:0660South America.5500x663131409$4
0041:0670Polynesia or Islands in the Pacific Ocean. 6708x550835935$4
0041:0690The Australian Colonies.11478x665652918$6
0041:0700The Islands of New Zealand.5464x656527893$4
0041:0710Stars, I. Autumnal Sir John Lubbock4742x515122199$4
0041:0720Stars, II. Winter Sir John Lubbock4700x497621236$4
0041:0730Stars, III. Vernal Sir John Lubbock4700x497621236$4
0041:0740Stars, IV. Summer Sir John Lubbock4725x508424972$4
0041:0750Stars, V. North Sir John Lubbock4858x496025552$4
0041:0760Stars, VI. South Sir John Lubbock4833x491825308$4
0041:0770Western Division of Paris.5260x664139233$4
0041:0780Eastern Division of Paris.5280x672135881$4

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