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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0030:0000(title page)3726x578413669$2
0030:0001Map shewing the Prevailing Religions of The World7274x417421413$4
0030:0003West Africashowing kingdoms of Baghena, Ashanti, Dahomey, Gando, Sokoto, Bornu and Adamawa4913x334412320$4
0030:0004Sierra Leone & adjoining territoryshowing kingdom of Kondo3292x518513109$4
0030:0005Sierra Leone3234x513512816$4
0030:0007The Nigershowing the kingdoms of Dahomey, Yoruba, Sokoto, Bornu, and Fumbina or Adamawa6959x517626842$4
0030:0008Eastern Africa5126x712627244$4
0030:0009Zanzibar to Victoria Nyanzashowing the route of the Mission to M'tesa's7026x513424925$4
0030:0010The Holy Land3151x508412605$4
0030:0011Persia &calso Afghanistan and Kalat7109x521031311$4
0030:0012Map of India5281x713127750$4
0030:0013Language Map of India5271x715223050$4
0030:0016The Punjab5051x327613279$4
0030:0017Western India3218x510113719$4
0030:0022Part of the Telugu Countryshowing Kistna and Godavery districts5255x330813946$4
0030:0024The Mauritius3008x45349386$4
0030:0025Map of China and Japan6842x509229570$4
0030:0029New Zealand (North Island)3301x516712472$4
0030:0030Map of British North America7043x525132934$4
0030:0031British Columbia3293x512614409$4

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