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Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of Scotland
by John Bartholemew

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0022:0001Scotland showing railways5391x701130150$3
0022:0002County of Aberdeen6810x527631186$3
0022:0003Counties of Argyll & Bute5446x694532733$3
0022:0004County of Ayr5290x692331268$3
0022:0005County of Banff6867x531028574$3
0022:0006County of Berwick6801x528330615$3
0022:0007County of Caithness5312x690134211$3
0022:0008County of Dumbarton6851x526129696$3
0022:0009County of Dumfries6868x528432224$3
0022:0010County of Edinburgh6860x522628566$3
0022:0011Environs of Edinburgh6726x546834323$3
0022:0012Counties of Elgin & Nairn6843x530131616$3
0022:0013The Counties of Fife & Kinross6985x531032250$3
0022:0014County of Forfar5267x687931241$3
0022:0015County of Haddington6817x529230299$3
0022:0016County of Inverness (mainland)6842x529231614$3
0022:0017Western Islands. Parts of Ross and Inverness5290x711231217$3
0022:0018County of Kincardine5334x693431152$3
0022:0019County of Kirkcudbright6801x525130100$3
0022:0020County of Lanark5368x662430054$3
0022:0021Environs of Glasgow6585x533432478$3
0022:0022County of Linlithgow6768x520129906$3
0022:0023The Counties of Orkney and Shetland5201x681828365$3
0022:0024County of Peebles5224x687931983$3
0022:0025County of Perth6734x519233027$3
0022:0026County of Renfrew6776x524330990$3
0022:0027Counties of Ross & Cromarty6835x526832631$3
0022:0028County of Roxburgh5190x684630058$3
0022:0029County of Selkirk5267x691231266$3
0022:0030Counties of Stirling and Clackmannan6834x528431448$3
0022:0031County of Sutherland6801x523732066$3
0022:0032County of Wigtown6751x519329665$3

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