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Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England
by John Bartholemew

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0020:0010Railway Map of England & Wales5341x652130747$3
0020:0020The County of Bedford5211x687126774$3
0020:0040The Counties of Cambridge Isle of Ely and Huntingdon5141x682130926$3
0020:0060The County of Cornwall6842x521828110$3
0020:0070The Counties of Cumberland & Westmorland5161x683131711$3
0020:0080The County of Derby5211x677130915$3
0020:0090The County of Devon5071x676130383$3
0020:0100The County of Dorset6826x513430429$3
0020:0110The County of Durham6751x513430285$3
0020:0120The County of Essex6640x510931246$3
0020:0130The County of Gloucester.5181x687131353$3
0020:0140The County of Hampshire5234x687929535$3
0020:0150The County of Hereford5171x681131623$3
0020:0160The County of Hertford6735x511829573$3
0020:0170The County of Kent6818x511830352$3
0020:0180Lancashire (north sheet)6819x530130746$3
0020:0182Lancashire (south sheet)6876x530932850$3
0020:0190The Counties of Leicester & Rutland6718x516029402$3
0020:0200The County of Lincoln comprising Lindsey, Holland & Kesteven5179x687931752$3
0020:0210The Counties of Middlesex and London6751x517629965$3
0020:0220The County of Monmouth5257x691231568$3
0020:0230The County of Norfolk6892x513428187$3
0020:0240The County of Northampton6834x520127153$3
0020:0250The County of Northumberland5179x682327862$3
0020:0260The County of Nottingham5301x690128194$3
0020:0270The Counties of Oxford and Buckingham6838x524627390$3
0020:0290The County of Somerset6936x530129461$3
0020:0300The County of Stafford5257x689027800$3
0020:0310The County of Suffolk6759x522626467$3
0020:0320The County of Surrey6759x524330849$3
0020:0330The County of Sussex6785x513427934$3
0020:0340The County of Warwick5412x660130050$3
0020:0360The County of Worcester6726x507626893$3
0020:0370North & East Ridings of Yorkshire6767x516028994$3
0020:0380The West Riding of Yorkshire6826x518429946$3
0020:0390The Counties of North Wales6768x511830804$3
0020:0400The Counties of South Wales7009x533432891$3
0020:0410Map of the Isle of Wight6859x522629008$3
0020:0420Isle of Man5212x689028537$3
0020:0430The Channel Islands5324x694510205$3
0020:0440The County of London6826x522632232$3
0020:0450The environs of Liverpool       The environs of Manchester5445x686834914$3
0020:0460The Yorkshire Manufacturing Districts5467x688936365$3
0020:0470The Tyne Ports.       The Black Country.5323x693433698$3

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