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F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1923 edition

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0019:0001Economics of the Old World5789x352418445$3
0019:0002Plans of ancient cities3593x568517815$3
0019:0007Mycenaean Greece. Babylon. Egypt.3450x548416961$3
0019:0008Argos. Troy. Assyria. Celts.3318x570117472$3
0019:0009Greece in the 8th century B.C. Greek dialects.0x00$3
0019:0012The East around 600 and 500 B.C.0x00$3
0019:0013The Persian War0x00$3
0019:0019Thermopylae. Plataeae0x00$3
0019:0020The Peloponnesian War0x00$3
0019:0021Greece, 362-230 B.C. Macedonia.0x00$3
0019:0022The Empire of Alexander the Great0x00$3
0019:0024The Diadochi Empires0x00$3
0019:0025The spread of Roman rule up to 218 B.C.0x00$3
0019:0026Latium. Campania.0x00$3
0019:0029Italy, southern part0x00$3
0019:0031Hannibal's crossing of the Alps. Lake Trasimene0x00$3
0019:0033North-west Africa. Ptolemy's map. The Peutinger tables.0x00$3
0019:0037Gaul at the time of Caesar. Actium0x00$3
0019:0044Central Europe, after Ptolemy0x00$3
0019:0045Varus' battle. Germanicus' campaigns0x00$3
0019:0046European provinces of the Roman Empire0x00$3
0019:0048Peoples of central Europe from 400 to 100 B.C.0x00$3
0019:0050Europe at the time of migration0x00$3
0019:0052The Frankish Empire. The Caliphate around 7500x00$3
0019:0053Christendom to 814. The population of central Europe around 9000x00$3
0019:0054Carolingian and Eastern Roman Empire0x00$3
0019:0060Denmark in the 11th and 13th centuries. Italy in the 10th and 11th centuries0x00$3
0019:0061Religions around 1000. Divisions of the Church [archbishoprics]0x00$3
0019:0065The Byzantine Empire, 1265 and 13550x00$3
0019:0066Central and western Europe at the time of the Hohenstaufen0x00$3
0019:0070Germany in the 14th century (1378)0x00$3
0019:0072The Papal Schism. Universities0x00$3
0019:0073Europe arond 1400. Rome. Constantinople<0x00$3
0019:0074Central Europe in the 15th century (1477)0x00$3
0019:0076Economics of central Europe around 15000x00$3
0019:0080Medieval trade in Europe0x00$3
0019:0081Religions in the 16th and 17th centuries0x00$3
0019:0082Europe in the 16th century (1559)0x00$3
0019:0086Germany in the 17th century (1648)0x00$3
0019:0088The division of Germany into "circles". The Netherlands, 1559-16000x00$3
0019:0089War relationships, I. Peace treaties0x00$3
0019:0092War relationships, II. Peace treaties0x00$3
0019:0093War relationships, III. Peace treaties0x00$3
0019:0096War relationships, IV. Peace treaties0x00$3
0019:0097The Silesian wars0x00$3
0019:0098The expansion of Russia 0x00$3
0019:0100Sweden. The partitions of Poland0x00$3
0019:0101The advance of France, Russia and England, 1801-18120x00$3
0019:0104War of liberation, I. Leipzig0x00$3
0019:0105War of liberation, II. Belle-Alliance [Waterloo]0x00$3
0019:0106Napoleonic times, II: Germany in 18120x00$3
0019:0108War relationships, V0x00$3
0019:0109Peace treaties, V: the transformation of Europe, 18150x00$3
0019:0114Racial map of central Europe. Europe, 1815. Italy, 1815-19180x00$3
0019:0116German war of unification, I (1864)0x00$3
0019:0117German war of unification, I (1866)0x00$3
0019:0120The organisation of the states of the German Empire, 1871-19180x00$3
0019:0121The organisation of the states of the The Balkans, 1812 to 19150x00$3
0019:0122Europe, 1812 to 19150x00$3
0019:0124The Ottoman Empire until 16830x00$3
0019:0125The decline of the Ottoman Empire, 1683-19190x00$3
0019:0126The age of discovery (colonial map I)0x00$3
0019:0128Colonial map II (to 1790)0x00$3
0019:0129Colonial map III (to 1914)0x00$3
0019:0130Asia, 1801-19140x00$3
0019:0132The partition of Africa, to 19140x00$3
0019:0133Australia. German protectorates, 1884-19140x00$3
0019:0134North America, I0x00$3
0019:0135North America, II. South America0x00$3
0019:0136The new migrations0x00$3
0019:0137The World War, I: Alliances. The Western Front.0x00$3
0019:0138The World War, II: Europe at war0x00$3
0019:0140The World War, III: the eastern front0x00$3
0019:0141The World War, IV: the south-eastern front0x00$3
0019:0142The World War, V: Europe after the World War0x00$3
0019:0144The World War, VI: World map after the World War0x00$3
0019:0145The Ascanians. Brandenburg from 1134 to 14150x00$3
0019:0146The growth of European metropolises, I0x00$3
0019:0147The growth of Prussia, I0x00$3
0019:0149The growth of Prussia, II0x00$3
0019:0151The growth of European metropolises, II0x00$3

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