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Atlas öfver Finland
by Alfthan, Ollila, Palmén, Palmén, Sederholm, v Willebrand

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0017:0020Hypsometric chart6700x945748264$10
0017:0030Prequaternary Rocks6639x928848532$10
0017:0040Quaternary Deposits6685x950045365$10
0017:005aThe Prequaternary Rocks of Fennoscandia4641x651120263$6
0017:005bQuaternary Deposits of Fennoscandia4660x669020613$6
0017:006aLines of Fracture in Fennoscandia4611x666120303$6
0017:006bSurrounding Seas - distribution of ice4600x667018502$6
0017:0070Surrounding Seas - temperature at different depths9350x659045054$10
0017:0080Surrounding Seas - temperature, salinity, oxygen9391x669151580$10
0017:0090Surrounding Seas - currents, tides, colour9390x667043334$10
0017:0100Archipelago of Turku and Aland9290x671035977$10
0017:0110Bathymetric charts of the Gulf of Finland and of Lake Ladoga9330x672039349$10
0017:0120Lacustrine Plateau of Finland9310x667046093$10
0017:0130Lake Päijänne and the River Kymmene9360x670039811$10
0017:0150Peat Bogs and Marshes6675x926444346$10
0017:020aFlora and Vegetation6635x468619565$6
0017:020bVascular Plants6621x460719822$6
0017:021aCultivated Plants6664x462817978$6
0017:0220State Forests6688x932539496$10
0017:0230Forest Resources6750x935039489$10
0017:024aPopulation Statistics6551x457215574$6
0017:024bBirths and Deaths6451x447215560$6
0017:0250Population Density6651x927638156$10
0017:0260Rural Population9241x669141659$10
0017:0270Births and Deaths9221x667135293$10
0017:028aBirths and Deaths4631x669119310$6
0017:030aGeneral Mortality6671x463719824$6
0017:030bMortality from Tuberculosis6714x465019187$6
0017:0310Statistics of the Rural Economy9305x670536486$10
0017:0320Statistics of the Rural Economy9261x666139157$10
0017:0330Statistics of the Rural Economy6614x907628409$10
0017:0370Foreign Trade9290x669032341$10
0017:0380Foreign Trade9195x668537510$10
0017:0390External Navigation9360x671036810$10
0017:0430Savings Banks6700x926337845$10
0017:0450Life Assurance6712x925136725$10
0017:0460Distribution of Languages9270x671038630$10
0017:0470Parliamentary Elections9306x670041205$10
0017:047aAndreas Bureus' Map of Finland (1626)6655x560127252$10
0017:0480Rural Schools6685x933738084$10
0017:0490Stone Age Structures6688x932637802$10
0017:0500Early Iron Age6672x934636534$10
0017:0510Late Iron Age 6674x933636643$10
0017:0520Finnish Towns - Tornio, Kemi, Oulu, Raahe, Nikolainkaupunki, Kaskö, Pietersaari, Kokkola, Kristiinankaupunki, Uusikaarlepyy9321x670141792$10
0017:0530Finnish Towns - Uusikaupunki, Pori, Rauma, Mariehamn, Naantali, Tampere, Turku, Tavastehus, Lahti9311x669143095$10
0017:0540Finnish Towns - Kotka, Helsinki, Porvoo, Lovisa, Hamina, Wiipuri, Hanko, Tammisaari9301x668145251$10
0017:0550Finnish Towns - Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Iisalmi, Joensuu, Heinola, Kuopio, Käkisalmi, Sortavala, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta9300x667143781$10

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