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Moltkes Taktisch-Strategischen Aufsätzen
by Helmuth Johann Ludwig von Moltke

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0015:0000title page2353x36222353$2
0015:0001General sketch of the marches of Yorck from 14 to 25 August 1813.9637x52019637$10
0015:0002Plan of the positions of the French and the Allies on the eve of the battle of Gross-Görschen in 1813.6419x66836419$7
0015:0003Large-scale map for the meeting at Hagelberg on August 27th 1813.4706x33514706$4
0015:0004Map for the meeting at Hagelberg on August 27th 1813.6201x61746201$7
0015:0005Map of the battlefield of the Eighth Prussian Brigade in the battle of Katzbach on 26 August 1813.4055x49554055$4
0015:0006Sketch of the battle to the Alma on 20 September 1854.6348x32136348$4
0015:0007Plan of the Battle of Inkerman on November 5th 1854.5530x39195530$4
0015:0008Map for Memoire 18665901x42075901$4
0015:0009Map for Memoire 18664563x39134563$4
0015:0010Map for Memoire 18664821x63914821$4
0015:0011Map of the meeting at Gitschin on 29 June 18665774x58465774$7
0015:0012Plan of the combat at Nachod on 27 June 1866.4076x40444076$4
0015:0013Plan of the battle of Königgrätz on July 3rd 18667964x82007964$16
0015:0014Plan of the combat at Trautena on June 27th 1866.4709x52014709$4
0015:0015Plan of the combat at Skalitz on June 28th 1866.5301x38185301$4
0015:0016Sketch showing the breakthrough of the French cavalry at the Battle of Borodino on September 7th 1812.3654x38283654$4
0015:0017Sketch of the battle of Aspern on May 21st 1809.3793x47323793$4
0015:0018Plan of the Battle of Waterloo (Belle-Alliance) on June 18th 1815.3670x33853670$4
0015:0019Sketch of the battle of Ligny on 16 June 18157554x56387554$7
0015:0020Sketch of the battle of Dresden on 27 August 18135082x33645082$4
0015:0021General sketch for the article on flank positions7018x54937018$7
0015:0022Plan of the positions of the Austrians and the Allies on the night of June 3rd/4th 1859, before the Battle of Magenta5979x70905979$7
0015:0023Plan of the position of the Austrian North-army on June 11th 1866. Afterwards the 'Ordre de bataille' and 'Dislokation' arrived on 15 June.6367x44676367$4
0015:0024Plan of the positions of the Prussians and Austrians on June 29th and 30th 1866.6268x45286268$4

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