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Illustrirter Hand-Atlas
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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0014:0000title page2383x36715091$2
0014:f001Europe [Belgium, Denmark, Germany], flags4664x701323711$5
0014:f002Europe [Germany, France, Greece], flags4601x702622840$5
0014:f003Europe [Greece, Great Britain, Holland], flags4564x703924116$5
0014:f004Europe [Holland, Italy, Ionian Islands, Portugal], flags4551x702625094$5
0014:f005Europe [Russia, Sweden, Spain, Turkey], flags4651x712626059$5
0014:f006Europe [Turkey], Asia, Africa. Flags4451x700123532$5
0014:f007Africa, America, Australia. Flags4738x708825958$5
0014:h001[Heraldry and Medals, Austria and Germany]4689x746429155$5
0014:h002Russia [Heraldry and medals]4701x727626020$5
0014:h003Great Britain [Heraldry and medals]4551x743928518$5
0014:h004France [Heraldry and medals]4513x742626658$5
0014:h005Austria [Heraldry and medals]4713x772630702$5
0014:h006Prussia [Heraldry and medals]4688x756428684$5
0014:m002World map9476x737656039$5
0014:m005Africa. The Cape9051x770154054$5
0014:m006North America. The north-west passage9338x752656256$5
0014:m007South America. The Panama isthmus7451x953458004$5
0014:m008Australia. (Victoria.) South Australia.9801x733851132$5
0014:m009Scandinavian peninsula (Sweden and Norway) Denmark and Finland7351x960055473$3
0014:m010European Russia with Poland and the Caucasus7317x963556398$5
0014:m011European Turkey, Greece and the Ionian Islands7367x958463945$5
0014:m014Spain and Portugal9401x756356990$5
0014:m015Great Britain and Ireland7418x975154649$5
0014:m016France. Neighbourhood of Paris9376x741455672$5
0014:m017The Netherlands and Belgium7301x956854114$5
0014:m018Denmark. Copenhagen7384x953455822$5
0014:m020Austrian Monarchy9401x751459802$5
0014:m021Upper and Lower Austria, and Salzburg9426x748858507$5
0014:m023Moravia & Austrian Silesia9264x745155278$5
0014:m024Styria, Carinthia, Carniola etc.7351x948456355$5
0014:m026Galicia, Hungary, Transylvania etc.9226x756360641$5
0014:m027Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom9176x756457298$5
0014:m028The Prussian State and Mecklenburg9789x752666944$5
0014:m030Wurttemberg and Baden7351x965162100$5
0014:m031Saxony. "Saxon Switzerland"9238x745162800$5
0014:m032Hanover, Brunswick, Oldenburg and the Hanseatic States9301x756455345$5
0014:m035Pomerania. Stettin9189x741455131$5
0014:m037Prussia and Posen9251x743956445$5
0014:m038Prussian Saxony, and the Thuringian states7384x968561509$5
0014:m039The Rhineland, Westphalia, the Hessian territories, Nassau etc.. Frankfurt and its neighbourhood7268x960156695$5
0014:m040Turkey-in-Asiaplate number should be 40 but is misprinted as 359539x757660888$5
0014:m041Nearer and further India [India and Burma]9401x750159393$5
0014:m042China and Japan9401x750160440$5
0014:m043The United States of North America (sheet I)Eastern part7418x953462760$5
0014:m044The United States of North America (sheet II)Western part7401x968444467$5
0014:m045Mexico and Central America. The isthmus of PanamaShows a Belgian colony between Belize and Honduras9588x763946970$5
0014:m046The West IndiesBritish, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Belgian colonies9564x752642947$5
0014:m047Morocco, Algeria and Tunis9464x755143227$5
0014:m048Egypt and Palestine7384x980143719$5

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