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Atlas to Alison's History of Europe
by Alison & Johnston

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0013:-001Frontispiece: Military signs and illustrations of modern fortification5128x395011572$6
0013:0000title page4032x38897420$6
0013:0001Part of Europe showing the boundaries of France and adjoining coutries before the revolution of 1789.map5896x458515413$6
0013:0002Part of Europe showing the boundaries of France and adjoining coutries at the height of Napoleon's power in 1812.map5938x455514890$6
0013:0003Paris at the outbreak of the French revolution, 1789; Environs of Paris.map5046x394012287$6
0013:0004Map of the Netherlands & part of the adjoining countries; to illustrate the campaigns of 1792-1795.map5123x391610844$6
0013:0005Battle of Jemappes, 6 November 1792battle plan5078x394411824$6
0013:0006Map of France to illustrate the campaigns of 1793 etc.map5107x392711527$6
0013:0007Battle of Neerwinden, 18 March 1793battle plan5231x399310814$6
0013:0008Siege of Toulon, 19 December 1793siege plan, land and sea5146x399313092$6
0013:0009Battles of Turcoing & Tournay, 18 & 22 May 1794battle plan5107x393711372$6
0013:0010Battle of Fleurus, 26 June 1794battle plan5143x393611447$6
0013:0011Map of North Italy, Switzerland, South Germany etc, to illustrate the campaigns of 1796 etc.map5136x398712696$6
0013:0012Map of the valley of the Po to illustrate the campaigns of 1796-7 & 1800.map5164x389412779$6
0013:0013Battles of Lonato & Castiglione, 3 August 1796; and of Medola, 5 August 1796battle plan5086x392911585$6
0013:0014Siege of Mantua and the affairs of St. George & La Favourite, 15 September 1796.siege plan, land5143x389410893$6
0013:0015Battle of Arcole, 15 16 & 17 November 1796 (first day - 15 November)battle plan5086x392210278$6
0013:0016Battle of Arcole, 15 16 & 17 November 1796 (third day - 17 November)battle plan5064x391510253$6
0013:0017Battle of Rivoli, 14 & 15 January 1797battle plan5164x392212181$6
0013:0018Battle of Cape St. Vincent, 14 February 1797.sea battle plan5086x39799759$6
0013:0019Battle of Camperdown, 11 October 1797.sea battle plan5122x39379285$6
0013:0020Map of Lower Egypt and part of Syria, to illustrate the expedition to Egypt, and the campaign of 1798-1801; Battle of Aboukir, 25 July; battle plan5136x40379320$6
0013:0021Battle of the Nile, 1 August 1798.sea battle plan5172x39589180$6
0013:0022Siege of St. Jean d'Acre by the French army of Egypt from 19 March to 21 May 1799; map of the country between the Jordan and Acre.siege plan, land and sea; map5114x390810427$6
0013:0023Battle of Mount Thabor, 16 April 1799.siege plan, land5150x393711055$6
0013:0024Battle of Stockach, 25 March 1799; Map of the Tyrolbattle plan; map5136x394412801$6
0013:0025Battle of Zurich, 4 June 1799.battle plan5142x393712824$6
0013:0026Battle of Trebbia, 18, 19 & 20 June 1799.battle plan5093x395810150$6
0013:0027Battle of Novi, 15 August 1799.battle plan5128x391611091$6
0013:0028Battle of Marengo, 14 June 1800: sheet 1.battle plan5150x39089896$6
0013:0029Battle of Marengo, 14 June 1800: sheet 2.battle plan5157x393710334$6
0013:0030Battle of Hohenlinden, 3 December 1800: sheet 1.battle plan5164x393612262$6
0013:0031Battle of Hohenlinden, 3 December 1800: sheet 2.battle plan5143x398012382$6
0013:0032Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801.sea battle5122x388710358$6
0013:0033Battle of Alexandria, 21 March and sea battle plan5150x395110174$6
0013:0034Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805: plate 1.sea battle plan5143x39599416$6
0013:0035Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805: plate 2.sea battle plan5171x39239036$6
0013:0036Map of the operations which led to the Capitulation of Ulm in October 1805battle plan5178x391512892$6
0013:0037Battle of Austerlitz, 2 December 1805.battle plan5178x396512070$6
0013:0038Map of South Italy to illustrate the invasion of Naples in 1806 etc.map5214x398010088$6
0013:0039Map of Prussia & Poland to illustrate the campaigns of 1806 etc. (See enlarged maps, plates 39, 75 & 79.)map5179x393711469$6
0013:0040Battle of Jena, 14 October 1806.battle plan5157x390811897$6
0013:0041Battle of Auerstädt, 14 October 1806.battle plan5207x395812470$6
0013:0042Battle of Pultusk, 26 December 1806; environs of Pultusk and Golymin.battle plan; map5143x398711401$6
0013:0043Battle of Preussisch-Eylau: first sheet - evening of 7 February 1807.battle plan5171x400812034$6
0013:0044Battle of Preussisch-Eylau: second sheet, 8 February 1807; Part of Old or East Prussia explanatory of the campaigns of Eylau & Friedland.battle plan; map5129x394412416$6
0013:0045Battle of Heilsburg, 10 June 1807.battle plan5157x401612280$6
0013:0046Battle of Friedland, 14 June 1807.battle plan5179x391612032$6
0013:0047Map of India to illustrate the campaigns from 1799 to 1806.map4082x520010948$6
0013:0048Map of Spain and Portugal to illustrate the campaigns of 1808 etc.map5122x385810815$6
0013:0049Siege of Saragossa, by the French army of Aragon; in 1808 and 1809.siege plan, land5114x391512541$6
0013:0050Battle of Medina de Rio-Seco, 14 July 1808.battle plan5164x387913598$6
0013:0051Battle of Vimeira, 21 August 1808.battle plan5207x392310457$6
0013:0052Battle of Corunna, 16 January 1809.battle plan5057x386511217$6
0013:0053Map of the valley of the Danube from Ratisbon to Pressburg to illustrate the campaigns of 1808-9; Valley of the Danube west of Ratisbon on the same scalemap5114x382910950$6
0013:0054Battle of Abensberg, 20 April 1809.battle plan5171x391512986$6
0013:0055Battle of Ecmühl, 22 April 1809.battle plan5143x398011671$6
0013:0056Battle of Aspern or Essling, 21 & 22 May 1809: sheet 1.battle plan5171x394413179$6
0013:0057Battle of Aspern or Essling, 21 & 22 May 1809: sheet 2.battle plan5150x391511434$6
0013:0058Battle of Wagram, 5 & 6 July 1809: sheet 1, 5 July.battle plan5243x395112420$6
0013:0059Battle of Wagram, 5 & 6 July 1809: sheet 2, 6 July.battle plan5100x398611705$6
0013:0060Siege of Gerona by the French army of Catalonia from May to October 1809.siege plan, land5135x400111031$6
0013:0061Battle of Talavera de la Reyna, 27 & 28 July 1809.battle plan5115x38949994$6
0013:0062Battle of Ocaña, 19 November 1809.battle plan5143x397911153$6
0013:0063Battle of Busaco, 27 September 1810.battle plan5207x390113054$6
0013:0064Map of part of Portugal to illustrate the defence of Lisbon by the Lines of Torres Vedras, October & November 1810.map5143x39589723$6
0013:0065Battle of Barossa, 5 March 1811.battle plan5150x38449859$6
0013:0066Plan of the siege of Tarragona by the French army of Aragon, 4 may to 30 June 1811.siege plan, land and sea5178x393712055$6
0013:0067Battle of Albuera, 16 May 1811.battle plan5171x391511978$6
0013:0068Plan of the fortifications of Ciudad Rodrigo explanatory of the sieges of July 1810 & January 1812. The field works refer to the siege of 1812.siege plan, land5222x394311491$6
0013:0069Siege of Badajos by the Allies under Wellington from 17 March to 6 April 1812.siege plan, land5172x403011778$6
0013:0070Battle of Salamanca, 22 July 1812.battle plan5179x391512193$6
0013:0071Siege of the Castle of Burgos by the Allies under Wellington from 10 September to 21 October 1812.siege plan, land5136x395811801$6
0013:0072Map of Turkey to illustrate the war with Russia 1807-1812.map5250x392211830$6
0013:0073Map of part of Russia to illustrate the campaigns of 1812.map5184x391612347$6
0013:0074Battles of Smolensko & Valtellina 17, 18 & 19 August 1812.battle plan5185x395812424$6
0013:0075Battle of Borodino, 7 September 1812.battle plan5214x386512517$6
0013:0076Battle of Malo-Jaroslawitz, 24 October 1812.battle plan5158x390812406$6
0013:0077Battle of Krasnoi, 16, 17 & 18 November 1812.battle plan5235x394411787$6
0013:0078Passage of the Beresina, 26, 27 & 28 November 1812.battle plan5150x387211023$6
0013:0079Battle of Lutzen, 2 May 1813.battle plan5150x395111861$6
0013:0080Battle of Bautzen, 20 & 21 May 1813.battle plan5300x394411631$6
0013:0081Battle of Vitoria, 21 June 1813.battle plan5207x396512506$6
0013:0082Map of part of the Pyrenees to illustrate the campaign of 1813.map5221x389413042$6
0013:0083Siege of St. Sebastian by the Allies, under Wellington, from June to September 1813.siege plan5222x399413219$6
0013:0084Battle of Dresden, 26 & 27 August 1813.battle plan5129x403712710$6
0013:0085Battle of Culm, 29 August 1813.battle plan5214x385811564$6
0013:0086Battle of Katzbach, 26 August 1813.battle plan5128x398712878$6
0013:0087Battle of Gross Beeren, 23 August 1813; Battle of Dennewitz, 6 September 1813.battle plans5165x399310464$6
0013:0088Battle of Leipzig, 16, 17, 18 & 19 October 1813: sheet 1.battle plan5143x410812318$6
0013:0089Battle of Leipzig, 16, 18 [sic] & 19 October 1813: sheet 2.battle plan5228x393012396$6
0013:0090Battle of Hanau, 30 October 1813.battle plan5200x392211374$6
0013:0091Attack of the French entrenched position on the Nivelle, 10 November 1813.battle plan5143x393612152$6
0013:0092Battles in front of Bayonne, 10-13 December 1813.battle plan5193x383711914$6
0013:0093Map of parts of France & Belgium to illustrate the campaigns of 1814-15.map5185x391512269$6
0013:0094Battle of La Rothière, 1 February 1814.battle plan5214x399411160$6
0013:0095Battles of Champaubert & Vauchamps, 10 & 14 February 1814.battle plan5236x399412207$6
0013:0096Battle of Montmirail, 11 february 1814.battle plan5221x397211537$6
0013:0097Battle of Craone, 7 March 1814.battle plan5186x396512593$6
0013:0098Battle of Laon, 9 March 1814.battle plan5228x397211759$6
0013:0099Battle of Orthes, 27 February 1814.battle plan5331x403915111$6
0013:0100Battle of Toulouse, 10 April 1814.battle plan5193x398711507$6
0013:0101Battle of Fère Champenoise, 25 March 1814; Battle of Arcis-sur-Aube, 21 March 1814.battle plans5221x397911254$6
0013:0102Paris and its environs, to illustrate the Battle of Paris, 30 March 1814.battle plan5179x397212573$6
0013:0103Map of part of North America to illustrate the naval and military events of 1812-13-14; Enlarged map of the Niagara district.maps5228x403711392$6
0013:0104Battle of Ligny, 16 June 1815.battle plan5250x398613446$6
0013:0105Battle of Quatre Bras, 16 June 1815.battle plan5207x398712461$6
0013:0106Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815: sheet 1, morning of the battle.battle plan5286x393012783$6
0013:0107Battle of Waterloo, 18 June 1815: sheet 2, crisis of the battle.battle plan5207x395812296$6
0013:0108Battle of Wavre, 18 & 19 June 1815.battle plan5171x389412638$6

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