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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0011:0000Solar system2187x34543250$2
0011:0010Title page2276x36423547$2
0011:0020The Worldin hemispheres3569x21452940$3
0011:0030Europe, physical map. Humboldt's Isothermal Lines3461x22813323$3
0011:0041England & WalesEnglish and Welsh Counties3594x45658956$3
0011:0042England & Walesas above, enhanced to show coalfields3594x45659006$3
0011:0051ScotlandScottish Counties3616x45808145$3
0011:0052Scotlandas above, enhanced to show coalfields3616x45808143$3
0011:0060IrelandIrish Counties. Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connaught2164x34382751$3
0011:0070FranceFrench departments3416x22973841$3
0011:0080Holland and Belgium2180x34122762$3
0011:0090Germany: states forming the German Confederation2323x35064267$3
0011:0100Austriaincluding Hungary, etc.3461x21973643$3
0011:0110Switzerland. Italycomprising both the following2212x36074011$3
0011:0120Spain & PortugalProvinces3470x21973153$3
0011:0130Turkey in Europe; Candia. Greececomprising both the following2284x35623501$3
0011:0131Turkey in Europe; Candia2301x21672116$3
0011:0140Sweden, Norway and DenmarkSwedish Laens2184x35013189$3
0011:0150Russia in Europe, CrimeaProvinces2289x35454350$3
0011:0160Asia, physical map, with the political divisions of Asiatic Russiaisotherms3485x22944042$3
0011:0170Turkey in Asia, Persia, Arabia &c.; Palestine; Turkestan or independent Tartary3512x22193147$3
0011:0180HindostanIndian subcontinent2266x34512824$3
0011:0190Further India, Birman Empire, Etc.Birman Empire, Lao, Annam, Siam, Malay States2251x34623351$3
0011:0200Chinese Empire and JapanChinese Provinces3466x22713362$3
0011:0210Africa, physical map. Egyptcomprising both the following3605x21623064$3
0011:0211Africa, physical map2113x21641977$3
0011:0212EgyptBahari, Vostani, Said1509x22361157$3
0011:0220North Africa. South Africa; Cape Colonycomprising both the following2307x34903898$3
0011:0221North AfricaMorocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Fezzan, Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, Kordofan, Darfur, Dar Saley, Begharmi, Senegambia, Guinea, Soudan, Nigritia2281x13541566$3
0011:0222South Africa; Cape Colony2217x21132189$3
0011:0230America, physical map2240x34454048$3
0011:0240North America, British, Russian & Danish possessions; Canadian Lakes; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and New Foundland3682x21594020$3
0011:0250United States; District of ColumbiaStates and Territories of the Union3623x22674079$3
0011:0255Mexico, Guatemala and the West indies2222x34782284$3
0011:0260South America2245x34783331$3
0011:0280Australia. Van Diemans Land, or Tasmania; New Zealandcomprising both the following2134x35903760$3
0011:0282Van Diemans Land, or Tasmania; New Zealand2167x17621899$3

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