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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0009:0001The northern heavens8800x750052802$8
0009:0002The southern heavens9400x740054602$8
0009:0003The solar system10000x830054825$8
0009:0004Map of the world in hemispheres10000x850065866$8
0009:0005Map of the world on Mercator's projection10000x840065185$8
0009:0006North polar map10200x850071214$8
0009:0007South polar map10000x840063988$8
0009:0009German Empire. Netherlands, Belgium & Switzerland. Overview.10000x865080721$8
0009:0010German Empire in 4 sheets, sheet 110166x852579407$8
0009:0011German Empire in 4 sheets, sheet 210111x847773546$8
0009:0012German Empire in 4 sheets, sheet 310400x850087235$8
0009:0013German Empire in 4 sheets, sheet 410000x850082976$8
0009:0014Saxony, Thuringia and neighbouring lands10200x800076572$8
0009:0015South-west Germany and Switzerland. Northern part10200x850083770$8
0009:0016South-west Germany and Switzerland. Southern part10200x850083773$8
0009:0017Austria-Hungary. Rumania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. Overview10200x850074536$8
0009:0018Austria-Hungary in 4 sheets, sheet 110200x850086715$8
0009:0019Austria-Hungary in 4 sheets, sheet 210200x850085078$8
0009:0020Austria-Hungary in 4 sheets, sheet 310100x840079388$8
0009:0021Austria-Hungary in 4 sheets, sheet 410700x870088845$8
0009:0022Italy. Overview10100x860077224$8
0009:0023Italy in 4 sheets, sheet 18500x1050082063$8
0009:0024Italy in 4 sheets, sheet 28500x1030079785$8
0009:0025Italy in 4 sheets, sheet 38370x1040065293$8
0009:0026Italy in 4 sheets, sheet 48400x1030063235$8
0009:0027France. Overview10100x840075929$8
0009:0028France in 4 sheets, sheet 110100x850071929$8
0009:0029France in 4 sheets, sheet 210100x850083556$8
0009:0030France in 4 sheets, sheet 310200x850076940$8
0009:0031France in 4 sheets, sheet 410200x850082587$8
0009:0032Spain and Portugal. Overview9300x810066245$8
0009:0033Spanish peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 110400x860084476$8
0009:0034Spanish peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 210200x850080286$8
0009:0035Spanish peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 310200x850077289$8
0009:0036Spanish peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 410200x850069933$8
0009:0037British Isles10200x860072470$8
0009:0038Great Britain. Northern part10000x850075890$8
0009:0039Great Britain. Southern part10100x860076750$8
0009:0041The Netherlands and Belgium8100x1040072721$8
0009:0042Denmark and adjacent lands10000x850075160$8
0009:0043Russia and Scandinavia10100x840076996$8
0009:0044East Europe in 6 sheets, covering Norway, Sweden, Russia, the Caucasus and Turkey10300x860082092$8
0009:0045East Europe, sheet 2: north-east Russia10000x850072380$8
0009:0046East Europe, no. 3: south Sweden, the Russian Baltic provinces, Poland and west Russia10100x850076123$8
0009:0047East Europe, no. 4: central Russia10100x840077429$8
0009:0048East Europe, no. 5: South-west Russia, Rumania and Bulgaria10000x840077133$8
0009:0049East Europe, no. 6: south Russia and the Caucasus10300x850077647$8
0009:0050Balkan peninsula. Overview Turkey, Rumania, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria10000x850077165$8
0009:0051Balkan peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 18500x1030085911$8
0009:0052Balkan peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 28500x1030079683$8
0009:0053Balkan peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 38400x1030078550$8
0009:0054Balkan peninsula in 4 sheets, sheet 48500x1020072471$8
0009:0056North and Central Asia, overview of the Russian Empire10200x850076667$8
0009:0057Asia Minor, Syria etc.10500x840079426$8
0009:0058Palestine and the Lebanon10100x860078478$8
0009:0059Iran & Turan10100x850081380$8
0009:0060Central Asia & India10100x850082621$8
0009:0061Central Asia & India, southern sheet10100x840072442$8
0009:0062Chinese Empire10300x850081338$8
0009:0063East China, Korea and Japan10100x850073255$8
0009:0064East Indies10100x870072948$8
0009:0066Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 110200x850070689$8
0009:0067Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 2: Lower Egypt10200x850073865$8
0009:0068Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 3: Senegambia10100x840072542$8
0009:0069Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 410100x850072500$8
0009:0070Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 5: the Cape and adjacent regions10100x850071796$8
0009:0071Africa in 6 sheets, sheet 610300x850075395$8
0009:0073South-east Australia8600x1030076605$8
0009:0074New Zealand10100x850070558$8
0009:0075Polynesia and the Pacific Ocean (western sheet)10100x860070818$8
0009:0076Polynesia and the Pacific Ocean (eastern sheet)10000x840064677$8
0009:0077North America10200x870070122$8
0009:0078West Canada and British Columbia10600x880078536$8
0009:0079"West Indies" (North America) in 4 sheets, sheet 1 (western U.S.A.)10200x850077880$8
0009:0080"West Indies" (North America) in 4 sheets, sheet 2: the Atlantic states between Washington & Boston10400x870073965$8
0009:0081"West Indies" (North America) in 4 sheets, sheet 3: the West Indies, central America (Mexico)10200x860071536$8
0009:0082"West Indies" (North America) in 4 sheets, sheet 4 (the Caribbean)10500x860073064$8
0009:0083The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 110500x880085912$8
0009:0084The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 210200x860077608$8
0009:0085The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 310600x850078389$8
0009:0086The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 410200x850074507$8
0009:0087The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 510200x850075508$8
0009:0088The United States of America in 6 sheets, sheet 610100x850073675$8
0009:0089South America10100x860064713$8
0009:0090South America in 6 sheets, sheet 110100x860068900$8
0009:0091South America in 6 sheets, sheet 210300x860062777$8
0009:0092South America in 6 sheets, sheet 310300x860066820$8
0009:0093South America in 6 sheets, sheet 410200x860066612$8
0009:0094South America in 6 sheets, sheet 510200x890070000$8
0009:0095South America in 6 sheets, sheet 610200x860058292$8

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