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Professor G. Droysens Allgemeiner Historischer Handatlas
by R. Andree

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0008:0000title page6207x986939120$2
0008:0001The world as known to the ancients9869x631057073$6
0008:0004Jerusalem. Maps on biblical history9869x631062398$6
0008:0005Travels of Paul the apostle. Boeotia and Attica6310x986956762$6
0008:0008Maps of Greek history6310x986955967$6
0008:0009The empire of Alexander the Great9869x631053441$6
0008:0012Plan of Rome - Neighbourhood of Rome6310x986960912$6
0008:0013Asia Minor9869x631057611$6
0008:0014Italy at the Gallic invasion. Britain9869x631051694$6
0008:0015North Africa9869x631050381$6
0008:0016Gaul. Spain6310x986953560$6
0008:0017The lands of the lower Danube in Roman times. Germany6310x986952217$6
0008:0018Growth of the Roman Empire9869x631055537$6
0008:0019Europe at the time of the migrations6310x986954225$6
0008:0020The Frankish Kingdom under the Merovingians9913x637946826$6
0008:0021Central Europe in Carolingian times9902x636246410$6
0008:0022Germany in the year 100012339x9882105815$10
0008:0024Europe at the time of the Saxon and Salian Emperor9869x631054489$6
0008:0025Development of the [Swiss] confederation6310x986955485$6
0008:0026Central Europe in Staufen times9890x12304108408$10
0008:0028Growth of the Hanseatic League around the year 14009869x631051789$6
0008:0029Wettin lands around 16756331x982853201$6
0008:0030Germany in the 14th century12338x9870102959$10
0008:0032 Organisation of Germany in 'circles'. Growth of the Bavarian monarchy9828x633149930$6
0008:0033Ecclesiastical provinces of central Europe around 1500. Denominational map of central Europe around 15556331x982854330$6
0008:0034Germany in the fifteenth century12171x997199678$10
0008:0036Territorial expansion of Austria-Hungary9828x633150357$6
0008:0037Europe at the time of the Reformation9828x633148226$6
0008:0038Germany at the time of the Reformation12073x987289785$10
0008:0040Europe after the Peace of Westphalia9828x633147539$6
0008:0041Alsace-Lorraine from 1648 to 17896331x982852466$6
0008:0042Germany at the time of the Thirty Years' War12279x9850100425$10
0008:0044Europe in the year 17409828x633151087$6
0008:0045Germany after the decision of the Imperial deputation6331x982855376$6
0008:0046Germany in the 18th century12206x985399304$10
0008:0048Napoleon's reorganisations, 1795-18096331x982853598$6
0008:0049Germany in the year 18129828x633153455$6
0008:0050The German federation, 1815-18669828x633151809$6
0008:0051Maps of German cultural history in the 19th century9828x633145531$6
0008:0052Territorial development of Prussia, 16331x982852163$6
0008:0053Territorial development of Prussia, 26331x982849691$6
0008:0054Battle plans of the wars 1864-18719828x633155582$6
0008:0055The Franco-Prussian War, 1870/719828x633157108$6
0008:0056The theatre of the Franco-Prussian War9828x633145885$6
0008:0057France in the twelfth century. France in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries6331x982852974$6
0008:0058Europe at the time of Napoleon's major reorganisation12607x9821100051$10
0008:0060France in the 16th-18th centuries. Paris at the outbreak of the revolution6497x978654441$6
0008:0061England under the Anglo-Saxon kings. England in the 11th and 12th centuries9786x649754425$6
0008:0062The British Isles under the Plantagenet and Tudor houses6497x978655875$6
0008:0063The British Isles after 16036497x978654346$6
0008:0064Maps of Spanish history. Spain in the time of the Ummayads6497x978656788$6
0008:0066Italy in the 10th-11th centuries. Italy in the 15th-18th centuries9786x649755063$6
0008:0067Italy in the year 13006497x978654686$6
0008:0068Italy in 1799. Theatres of war in Italy9786x649755802$6
0008:0069Republic of the United Netherlands. The Netherlands in the 16th century.9786x649758331$6
0008:0070Scandinavia before the Union of Kalmar. Maps of Scandinavian history9786x649755459$6
0008:0071Lands of the German [military] orders. Russian possessions in central Asia.6497x978655924$6
0008:0072Russia in the 16th and 17th centuries. Russia since Peter the Great9786x649755964$6
0008:0074The Mediterranean at the time of the crusades12395x983699216$10
0008:0076The Byzantine Empire9786x649755765$6
0008:0077The Caliphate, to 9459786x649757166$6
0008:0078Muslim lands at the ends of the 11th and 12th centuries9786x649756450$6
0008:0079The Mongol empires around 13009786x649757051$6
0008:0080Balkan peninsula and Ottoman Empire until 16996497x978658449$6
0008:0081Maps showing the Eastern Question6497x978654580$6
0008:0082The age of discoveries12384x988999113$10
0008:0084North America6497x978656880$6
0008:0086Colonial and shipping maps12327x9831102693$10
0008:0088Map of the World's religions9786x649752105$6
0008:0651Italy in the time of the Lombards5075x623226801$3
0008:0652Spain since the 16th century6492x496127293$3
0008:0851The islands of the South Sea6492x514528320$3
0008:0852South America4971x649529406$3

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