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F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1914 edition

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0004:0000title page2038x30004600$3
0004:0001Asia minor2917x365210738$3
0004:0002Greece at the start of the Peloponnesian wars. The Sea of Marmara. Troy.2897x17794891$3
0004:0004The growth of Macedonia under Philip II.1731x20232557$3
0004:0005Rome. Athens.2907x361010480$3
0004:0006Cannae (earlier and later views)1593x28033743$3
0004:0007Gaul at Caesar's arrival1769x21003354$3
0004:0008Germanicus' defeat1738x28554134$3
0004:0009The Mongol Empire.2752x18214745$3
0004:0010Alsace and Lorraine in 1648.1821x27524533$3

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