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F. W. Putzgers Historischer Schul-Atlas, 1905 edition

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code no.Plate namecommentspixelskilobytesPriceBuy
0001:0000title page1790x28973361$3
0001:0002Travels of the Apostle Paul1645x26073586$3
0001:0003Egypt. Assyria1686x27524174$3
0001:0004The Peutinger Table. Celts. North-west Africa1655x26174153$3
0001:0005The Old World. Western part3717x281410983$3
0001:0006The old world, eastern part.3476x282410061$3
0001:0007Asia minor2793x359010240$3
0001:0008The east around 600-500 B.C.1748x19243208$3
0001:0009The empire of Alexander the Great3528x282410219$3
0001:0010Attica. Olympia1676x28454691$3
0001:0011Greek tribes. Thermopylae1728x24523869$3
0001:0012Greece. Nothern part3507x282410330$3
0001:0013Greece. Southern part3507x28349694$3
0001:0014Republican forum. Imperial fora1397x26693447$3
0001:0015Rome. Athens2886x359010835$3
0001:0016Asia minor under the Romans1634x27413900$3
0001:0017Expansion of Roman rule3528x283410064$3
0001:0018Hannibal's crossing of the Alps. Actium1707x27724517$3
0001:0019Latium. Campania1634x27414410$3
0001:0020Lake Trasimene. Rome and Italy to 218 A.D.1717x28864132$3
0001:0021Italy, northern part3517x285510655$3
0001:0022Italy. Southern part3486x28559843$3
0001:0023European provinces of the Roman Empire3497x283410775$3
0001:0025Europe at the end of the migrations2803x360010258$3
0001:0026Christianity c 814. Religions c 11001490x27413723$3
0001:0027Growth of the Frankish kingdoms1614x15832207$3
0001:0028Central Europe at the time of the Carolingians3476x28149703$3
0001:0029Peoples. Central Europe around 8951707x17072873$3
0001:0030Settlement of Germans in the East1645x23383839$3
0001:0031Germany at the time of the Saxon and Frankish emperors3538x285510365$3
0001:0032Types of village layout1614x27834291$3
0001:0033Mediterranean lands at the time of the crusades3486x286610314$3
0001:0034North Sea and Baltic kingdoms I/II1686x23903341$3
0001:0035Central and western Europe at the time of the Hohenstaufens3517x28559820$3
0001:0036North Sea and Baltic kingdoms III2762x16453850$3
0001:0037North Sea and Baltic kingdoms IV2762x16454207$3
0001:0038Germany and upper Italy in the 14th century (1378)3486x280310415$3
0001:0039The great princely houses, IIa2648x18414332$3
0001:0040The great princely houses, IIb/III1624x25973847$3
0001:0041Germany and upper Italy in the 15th century (1477)3497x283410372$3
0001:0042The great princely houses, IV. Europe at the end of the 14th century1593x27834048$3
0001:0043Europe in the 16th century (1559)3528x28459887$3
0001:0044Europe at the time of the Reformation (1547)3517x283410732$3
0001:0045The expansion of France to the east1521x27833984$3
0001:0046War connections I (1618-1660)2483x15833187$3
0001:0047Germany in the 17th century (1648)3538x282410781$3
0001:0048War alliances II (1672-1699)2390x15933017$3
0001:0049War alliances III (1700-1721)2483x16763281$3
0001:0050Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries (1740)3486x28249749$3
0001:0051War alliances IV (1740-1763)2328x15933022$3
0001:0052The Silesian warThe war of the Austrian Succession2545x16453940$3
0001:0053Europe in the 18th century (1786)3517x284510719$3
0001:0054Battle plans of the Seven Years' War 1252x28863899$3
0001:0055Sweden. Russia. Poland. The Eastern question3538x283410068$3
0001:0056The great peace treaties (1648-1721)1593x28143862$3
0001:0057The great peace treaties (1735-1812)1593x28033696$3
0001:0058The time of Napoleon. I2803x359010615$3
0001:0059War alliances V (1788-1815)2534x16863592$3
0001:0060Battle plans of Napoleon's timeAusterlitz Jena Katzbach Kulm Dresden Nollendorf-Kulm1562x28664753$3
0001:0061The time of Napoleon. II: Germany in 18123548x283410165$3
0001:0062War of liberation I (1813)2597x16244059$3
0001:0063War of liberation II (1814)2297x15833427$3
0001:0064Germany from 1815 to 18663693x282410500$3
0001:0065Unification of the German states, I1552x24103451$3
0001:0066Unification of the German states, II1552x24103453$3
0001:0067Racial map of central and South Europe. Italy from 1815 to the present day.3641x288610719$3
0001:0068Map of the wars of German unification IPrusso-Danish war1583x27214535$3
0001:0069Map of the wars of German unification IIAustro-Prussian war2783x16144661$3
0001:0070Map of the wars of German unificationFranco-Prussian war2824x360011174$3
0001:0071Growth of Prussia. I3838x282410637$3
0001:0072Growth of Prussia. II3497x28459966$3
0001:0073Bavaria I: Bavaria 17773476x280310217$3
0001:0074Bavaria II. Baden 17713621x282410395$3
0001:0075Wuerttemberg 17892814x356910192$3
0001:0076Wettin lands2834x359010767$3
0001:0077North-west Germany 17893517x289711225$3
0001:0078Ottoman Empire2824x360010350$3
0001:0079Colonial map II (1660)2679x16663806$3
0001:0080"Colonial map III (1790)"In fact this is "Kolonialkarte IV (1884)"2679x16663829$3
0001:0081The age of discovery3569x27839898$3
0001:0082"Colonial map IV (1884)"In fact this is "Kolonialkarte III (1790)"2721x16763797$3
0001:0083Colonial map V (1900)2700x16663726$3
0001:0084Central and east Asia. North America2814x357910819$3
0001:0085The partition of Africa1852x27414720$3

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