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Index no. 0015

Moltkes Taktisch-Strategischen Aufsätzen


Scanning and other details

This work was published in Berlin, by Ernst Siegfried Mittler und Sohn, in 1900.

It consists of a volume of text and diagrams, "Anlagen Nr. 9 bis 18", listing orders of battle; and the 24 maps presented here; all contained in a case embossed with the German eagle.

It was once the property of New College, Oxford. In 1916 it was the property of the Oxford military historian Sir Foster H. E. Cunliffe, Bart., who died in the Battle of the Somme in 1917. On his death his library went to the Codrington library in All Souls College, Oxford.

The maps vary in size. The smallest is plate 18, 296mm by 298mm; the largest is plate 13, 760mm by 685mm. The plates all have extensive blank margins, which are not reproduced here.

List of plates.

Scanning details:

Scan at 400 d.p.i.
(For sections of plate 13, reduce size to 75%)
Splice where necessary
Resize to 50% x 50% (37% for plate 13)