Nordwestdeutschland 1789

Threshold page

This page exists as a "threshold" to the page on Nordwestdeutschland 1789. That page does not work on many systems. If you are sure you want to see it anyway, click the link.

The main image is 600K and there are 31 subsidiary images, which total over 400K, so many systems have insufficient memory. The subsidiary images use alpha-transparency, which is not supported by some browsers. The time to compose the resulting composite image may be large, exceeding the download time.

My own experience with various browsers is as follows:
Internet Explorer6Does not work, as alpha-transparency is not supported.
Internet Explorer7Works well.
Mozilla1.0/5.0Works well.
Netscape4.7Does not work at all.
Netscape6Works well.
Opera5Does not work at all.
Opera6Works, but with an irritating error in registration of the images.
The overlays appear ten pixels south of where they should be.
Opera9Works well.